The Secure Medical Data Sharing Platform Saving Lives with Blockchain: MEDICHAIN

Digital currencies, which have grown a outstanding upward trend in afew years, are more and more influencing the world economy. Consumers’ shopping behaviors, ways of buying and new developments in digital currencies seem to make them essential in the coming future. On the other hand, with the development of the Internet, purchasing decisions are gradually moving toward the digital platform, which means that the practice of using and evaluating money is increasingly shifting to the digital world, and this area has begun to lay the foundation for an economic system. Under the light of these technological improvements nowadays people’s data for example; shopping history, identity, travel, communication, traffic accident, vehicle inspection, education, insurance, health and medicine usage information became more important than past. Additionally, people usually want their personal data to work for them. They expect organizations to share their personal data where it’s necessary to provide them with the services they want. They expect government employees such as police, medical doctors etc. use their information resources stop crime to keep citizens safe and secure or to treat health their health problems. In this article, I will give information about a platform called Medichain, which has policies to revolutionize the healthcare industry with blockchain. One of the key ideas behind the Medichain is to provide patients ownership of their own medical information. It will fundamentally permit the secure storage of patient’s data, giving them access to specialists in any part from the world. This Medical Big-Data Platform could save lives with a new ICO using blockchain technology. If you want to read more about Medichain please visit official website

What is Medichain?

Medichain is an advanced technology and a revolution in the field of medicine. Medichain is a decentralized, distributed record for storing medical records. It lets patients to keep their own medical records ensuring security and accuracy. Let me put it another way, MediChain is aiming to revolutionize the way that patient data in Electronic Health Records (EHR) is stored and utilized.


Habitually, a patient’s medical records used to be noted on sometimes documents sometimes papers and stored weakly. Specified the significance of medical records in tracing the history of certain medical conditions, data of medicines, data of diseases, and overall well-being of patients, this type of data storage might be unproductive. For the reason, these data hold sensitive material and detail vital for sustaining the patient’s health. In Boston, methods of storing medical data system are too complex. Because there are 26 electronic medical records differently. This miserable truth is happening on a worldwide scale and is costing both lives and money. Additionally, at present medical errors costing the approximately to $1 trillion and incorrect or misplaced medical records are now the third largest cause of death in the USA.

Additionally, even this data stored digitally and properly in different hospitals’ database, it can be penetrated by unauthorized or unwanted or persons leading to the loss of data. There can be other technical hitches that can diminish the movement of these data from one hospital to another in a patient’s treatment.

Nowadays, technological development has made storage of medical data on papers irrelevant. Medical data can now be stored easier and faster using technological based systems and computers. As a result of this blockchain technology platform named as Medichain, death based on lose of medical records can now be decreased.

Briefly, The Medichain system will be funded by medical researchers that pay to use unidentified patient medical data stored in their blockchain. In other words, patients who store their medical record on MediChain’s EHR will be able to share their information to help find treatments for diseases such as diabetes, obesity and heart failure. Research institutes that utilize patient data will pay MediChain using tokens which are then circulated to MediChain as well as the medical associations who uploaded the information to the blockchain and most significantly the patients themselves. Fundamentally everyone wins, researchers can leverage big data at lower costs, and users of the system are rewarded for inspiring the system with new data.

Medichain Tokens and Where You Can Use

The Medichain tokens will be symbolized as MCU tokens. They will have a many benefits and uses of MCU tokens such as:

  • Research Program Voting: The MCU tokens will be used to control which areas in which to consideration of future researches and surveys.
  • Personal Medical Data Services: One of the advantages of holding MCU tokens will be the opportunity to buying digitally transmitted medical services, which might take in diagnostic services from organizations participating in the blockchain ecosystem.
  • MCU Discounts: Owners of MCU tokens will be able to use their tokens for discounts on an arrangement of digital services and wearable technologies such as Apple watches or Fitbit products. Besides, MCU tokens can also be used for discounts on medical services, such as prescriptions, treatments or consultations.
  • Institutional Medical Data Services: Institutions are holding tokens to pay for any appropriate digitally transmitted diagnostic services or medical services.
  • Medical Research Data Services: Academics can access data depending on the procedures set by the patients uploading the data. A new researches can be made using these data and new drugs can be discovered according to the results of these studies.
  • Personal Medical Data Storage and transfer: All patients despite whether they are token holders or not, they will get to store pointers to their data without charge on the chain ecosystem.

Medichain ICO

The Medichain ICO is an event where funds for its whitepaper project will be sourced for. The pre-sale started on September 15th 2017 and ICO will commence on 1st of March and end on the 1st of May. The ICO token allocation to investors represents 40% of the total token supply. The price for each allocated will be $1. Medichain aims at generating a fund set at $40,000,000 USD. The sale website is

During Medichain ICO, tokens will be issued to investors. The Medichain utility token (MCU) is based on the Ethereum ERC-20 standard. The token can be used to carry out transactions on the Medichain platform. If you want to read more about Medichain token please visit official website

Token Allocation;


Road Map



If you want to read more about team please visit official website

  • Mark Baker, CEO and Founder
  • Katy Blackwell, Team Manager
  • Samuel Dare, Blockchain Engineer
  • Giannis Stathopoulos, Business Development and Operations
  • Mark Shorter, Creative Director / UX Specialist and Designer
  • Naomi Ellis, PR Specialist and Designer
  • Yilin (Linda) Wen, Business Development
  • Matt Ganeles, Business Development
  • Rob Moya, UX/UI Designer and Developer
  • Augustín Cassani, Blockchain Engineer
  • Boris Shevchenko, Ethereum Engineer & Web Developer
  • David Forbes, Software Developer
  • Aizhan Seraly, IR & Business Development
  • Akhila Nandanavanam, Traffik Management
  • Ron Cafferky, Business Development
  • Raúl van Riezen, Business Development & Finance
  • Youli Pan, Business Development
  • Skye Bye, HR Assistant
  • Pedro Silva, Business Development

Advisory Board

  • Chris Fennell
  • Simon Cocking
  • Amarpreet Singh
  • Jon Matonis
  • Mike Raitsyn


If you want to read more about Medichain please visit following websites


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