Online Değiş Tokuş Borsasına, Bitcoin ATM Cihazlarına, Kripto Paralara Ulaşmada COINTED Farkı ile Hiç Olmadığınız Kadar Yakınsınız

Dünyamızı belki de bir küresel bir köy haline getiren teknolojik gelişmelerden biri de hiç şüphesiz internettir. Küreselleşme ile birlikte teknoloji hepimizin hayatında çok önemli değişiklikler yapmış ve her geçen gün daha da fazla etkisini hissettirmektedir. Teknolojinin baş döndüren hızla gelişmesi hayatımızın her alanını gün geçtikçe daha da çok etkilemektedir. Özellikle finans alanındaki gelişmeler ve değişimler; […]

The Future of Decentralized Multidimensional Identity Verification for the Next Century: Revolutionary Project :THEKEY

THEKEY Project is creating an identification verification (IDV) with BDMI (Block chain based Dynamic Multi Dimension Identification). This technology provides the above two requirements to identify each other in the digital world. It delivers solid ground work as it is developed by the combination of Block chain and Dynamic Multi-Dimension Identification. THEKEY Project, a world-leading solution provider […]

Building and Deploying Decentralized Applicationsnamed ArcBlock: Taking your Blockchain Network to the Next Stage

What is ArcBlock? ArcBlock is a typeplatform and an ecosystem for building and deploying decentralized blockchain applications. The platform provides more than just important background components such as powering complex business rules by using blockchain. It is also linkscurrent system to blockchain networks, which enables business processes to be automated by making use of data […]

Sustainable and Profitable a Blockchain-Based Future Energy Ecosystem: Restart Energy

Restart Energy is the fastest rising private energy and gas provider in the European Union with $20mm annual revenue, servicing 27,000 houses and more than 3,000 SME’s and multinational companies. Restart Energy is building a global energy supply platform using blockchain protocol to democratize a sector burdened by bureaucracy and transaction costs, freeing up capital, […]

World’s One of the Best Crowdsourcing Developing Profitable Platform on Global Equities and Blockchain Assets: Sharpe Capital

One of the sectors that greatest gaining benefits from blockchain technology, is related to digital marketing in globalized world. ICO as a new approach of financing business ideas and continuing projects is gaining more attractiveness. The capacity of funds pouring into the blockchain economy has been growing increasingly over the last a few years: ICO […]

Let’s Meet In BTD Coin: The Most Safest, Fastest and Cheapest Transaction Method

Today I will briefly discuss a very popular ICO, but those who want more detailed information can visit the website ( Banking environment has become highly competitive in this globalized world. To be able to survive and grow in the changing market environment banks are going for the latest technologies, which is being perceived as an […]

Become a challenging partner in profitability with Strikecoin: Dimensions Network

Cryptocurrencies have created extraordinary results in the last a few years and outperformed all most important benchmarks. The development of the cryptocurrency ecosystem and expansion of further use cases is disrupting business on a worldwide rule. With such quick-tempered development and notional interest, instability within the cryptocurrency marketplaces will go on elevated. This volatility is […]

Decentralized Vehicle Purchase Platform: Profitability chain is VinChain

What is VinChain? VinChain is a blockchain database that records all data belong to to vehicles. For each vehicle, the data collects during the whole period of use. This history is clear and reachable to everyone. To protect accurateness of the data, the technology of distributed storage is used. This guarantees absolute reliability and security […]

Gorgeous revolution in education with blockchain technology: Bitdegree

IT improves educational opportunities by enabling educators and students to overcome barriers of distance and by enhancing the content of instructional materials. In the globalized world. IT offers especially valuable educational opportunities for poor people in developing countries. Students and other residents of poor countries are increasingly using the Internet — often in community Internet centers — to gain […]

A new and extraordinary cryptocurrency: ENVION & Maximizing the value of energy worldwide

What makes envion so extraordinary compared to all the hundreds of other currencies that you can buy instead. Now I am trying to clarify what is envion and why envion is an incredible pick for new year’s start up. What is Envion? Envion is extremely profitable, global crypto-mining-infrastructure. Hosted in mobile, modular CSC containers. Its […]