In the last 12 months, the market value of cryptocurrency has grown up to 650 billion dollars. This means a lot if you consider the rapid change and fast growth of the market. Fast growing of cryptocurrency market results in the pushing of moderation on existing financial systems, though. On the other hand, developing of blockchain itself in terms of transactions and safety as well as matching the need for innovation of financial structure is inevitable.

One of the thousands of Initial Coin Offerings emerging on a daily base is Ubonium Project which surges with the claim of innovations in the area of financial structure on blockchain technology. Indeed, Ubonium is the name of the company which already has ongoing steps throughout the Ubonium project. The CEO of Ubonium, Mr. Kannan tells about the general frame of the project in his interview:

What is Ubonium and Its Innovations:

As an ICO Project, Ubonium aims to bring some drastic developments in the area of existing financial systems on blockchain technology which represents decentralized structure by creating Ubonium ecosystem.

As it is already mentioned above, there are hundreds of exchanges where more than 3000 of coins are traded generating a market capacity of tens of billion dollars. Likewise a child, this market is pretty much new, compared with Nasdaq stock exchange or Forex. So, some instabilities and as a result of this high volatility is inevitable for cryptocurrency trade. Therefore, risks and losses are always in question for crypto money investors. In order to solve or decrease the effects of that high volatility problem of the market, Ubonium has created a platform where you can invest a group of cryptocurrency which is defined as Exchanged Traded Crypto Funds (ETCF), instead of investing one by one according to your selection.   As a platform, ETCF is open for the time being as a market and works for the benefit of users now. Here is the official web page:

Ubonium, despite the fact that it is the biggest ETCF crypto exchange in the market, it is not the only service that presents. It also presents the services of Ubopay along with Ubocard which you can use your fiat or crypto money for the purchases instantly anywhere in the world. Yet, Ubobank, being another outstanding service, is a bank where you can securely and low costly deposit and withdraw from your any kind of cryptocurrencies.

If we should pay more attention to ETCF system and its innovations for individual investors as well as intuitional investments, we may stress on these headlines;

  • ETCF keeps from high volatility to reduce the risks because of the number of well-selected cryptocurrencies,
  • Ubonium platform can provide easily much more liquidity than the others since its infrastructure,
  • More transparent and secure in terms of processes and transactions,
  • Of course, by far cheap on transaction fees and other costs,
  • Real-time transfers through the platform are provided,
  • The use of advantageous Ubocoin and much more can be told here. Entire detailed information comes in the whitepaper of the project;

ICO Ubonium, Team and Road Map:

Ubonium token is an Erc20 token with the initials of UBO. Having all standards of Erc20, the total number of UBO is 300 million. Having UBO will bring many advantages for its holders since its going to be used by the lunch of UboPay, Ubocard, and Ubobank.

The team of Ubonium consists of 8 people including advisors. All the members of the team have related background on computing sciences many years with full of successful pasts.

Roadmap of the project has been started by the foundation of Ubonium in the year 2016. Since then, every single step is defined and well planned until the year of 2020 by the core team of project.


As a very comprehensive project, Ubonium aims very innovative developments on cryptocurrency market by creating an ecosystem including many important productions targeting a whole structure of the financial system. Limited words are not sufficient to describe this huge project, as you may consider easily. So please find full related links to Ubonium below to reach requested information.

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