Blockchain-Backed Platform for the Consultancy Industry: EXPERTY

Digital currencies, which have gained a spectacular upward trend in recent years, are increasingly influencing the world economy. Consumers’ spending habits, methods of buying and new developments in digital currencies seem to make them indispensable in the coming days. In the basic sense, it is possible to express the digital currency as a virtual concept concealed behind a set of cryptography, which is actually called “crypto money”, which depends on mathematical operations, which are extremely difficult and costly to achieve. On the other hand, the popularity of social media has exploded over the past few years, with new social networking sites being established rapidly. Social media has played a huge role in increasing awareness about cryptocurrencies among the mainstream public. What was once a niche and complicated subject only discussed among those who were interested in the latest tech, has become more accessible than ever. There is now extensive information about the currency online, including information about the latest developments and scandals. Cryptocurrencies are taking off because of social media exposure but it’s not certain whether digital money will overtake fiat currency any time soon. As well as information available provided by, and available for, the general public many businesses, developers and journalists use social media tools, such as Telegram and Slack to communicate with each other and combine their efforts. Teams from around the world can work together on building and advancing the cryptocurrency collaboratively. This means that social media is also having an influence on the development of cryptocurrencies as well as their growth.

In the light of the these improvements Experty is building is more than just a chat application, it is a Blockchain based calling platform that will allow an individual to share his expertise or knowledge via voice and video calls to individuals or teams that need his/her advice or consultation. Today, I will try to give you information about Experty. If you want to read more about Experty please visit official webpage. (

What is EXPERTY?

Experty is a blockchain-backed platform is unlocking people’s potential through the transfer of data, instead of physical assets. The platform addresses a typical downside consultant across the board face. For instance, fundamentally what they are is a consulting software platform or application that you can use to get paid for your time and consulting minutes and hours. The problem that they are trying to solve is that these countless man hours are spent waiting for responses, follow ups, enquiries and solutions are on solutions to a specific problem. Here and now they are providing a solution to being able to monetize the consulting of meeting those clients in answering those questions.

Kamil Przeorski said that “One of the most important challenges is that there’s not a lot of incentive for specialists to produce consulting over applications like Skype, wherever there’s no easy method for them to receive cash for unexpected small consultations.”

Consultancy services square measure skilled services in numerous fields so as to attain the required target service users. The outsourcing of practice services could be a software system, advice, recommendations, plans, services, skilled services like method management, supervising etc. one amongst the industries that’s implementing data services regarding crypto via telephone or (video) net line is EXPERTY.


The platform allows data suppliers to earn revenue by providing recommendation to their contacts via calls. Experts in numerous fields set their rates per one minute of decision and provide consultation services to shoppers on the phone or desktop. Then they accept instant payment from their shoppers through the ethereum cryptocurrency. is sure to remodel the technique professionals offer skilled recommendation to people who would like it most.

Briefly, the key purpose of this project is the way to connect two or more people so they are possible. Make exchange of paid knowledge through online voice or video call. The Experty platform consists of apps available for mobile, web, and desktop. Users can also send free text messages among each other to discuss further requirements if needed. Text messages may also be disabled by the provider if they so choose Voice or video calls are always paid, billed by
predefined provider level.

Experty’s Mission

Experty’s mission is to encourage the application of cryptocurrency on a global scale by creating intuitive and easy-to-use applications suitable for widespread use. They expect mass adoption within the next 3 years. Anyone who needs to consult through the Experty app will also have a crypto wallet in their pocket.

Experty’s present attention is solving the talent crisis in blocked communities by letting experts monetize their skills through sound and video apps like skype. Payments are handled through automated smart contracting systems using Expert’s EXIT. This will let the company acquire the talent they need, so the blockchain community continues to grow and expand.

Who can use this system?

There are many people from different job groups, industries, social media fans can use this system very easily. For instance;

  • Experienced workers from various industries such asDoctors, trainers, analysts, auditors, tax advisers, etc. All of them with relevant knowledge and experience will have additional opportunities for getting extra money.
  • Students; for students Experty is really life changing. Having good skills in studies they can help their colleagues, or make consultations at lower rates than experienced consultants.
  • Consultants;There are some barriers that stop cool experts from making consultations and do not allow them to successfully monetize their skills: extra work for organization of consultations, spending additional time for payments processing and waiting for money transfers, relying on intermediaries. All these barriers are destroyed by Experty.
  • Youtubers; Many fans would like to have personal contact with their Youtube stars. Contacts with Youtubers usually occur through streams. Not all questions may be answered/commented by Youtubers during streaming. Sometimes there are questions that have to be asked privately. Some popular Youtubers already expressed their interest in using future Experty application.
  • Influencers;today there are many influensers in different industry areas. Large number of people listen to them, follow their advices. Using Experty application Influencers would be able to monetize their knowledge and skills.
  • Companies and projects.BitcoinSuisse and CryptoValley Association process a huge number of daily requests. These organizations are interested in using Experty as a hotline so that people could pay for conversations with specific people within organizations.

At the same time, companies will be able to set flexible tariffs and prioritize some people in the general call queue. In other words, organize premium support. Sometimes there are peak loads on the services provided by Bitcoin Suisse. With the help of Experty and flexible tariffs, it is possible to set higher tariffs and prioritize customers who are willing to pay more for time saving.


The hardcap for their ICO is 33,000 ETH or $9,000,000 USD. This is comparatively smaller than many ICO out there. This represents 33% of all tokens (Total = 100,000,000 EXY) and offers a great opportunity for growth.

1000 EXY = 1 ETH, which works out to $1.1 per token.

The ICO main sale will be from 25th Jan to 25th Feb 2018. But I foresee that this ICO is unlikely to run for a month as it is likely to sell out within a couple of days.


Do check out their website at and read their white paper before investing into their ICO. Have fun!

  • Road Map

If you want to learn more about team please visit White Paper. (


If you want to learn more about team please visit official web pages

  • References

If you want to learn more please visit these web pages below.


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    İlma Aldağ

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    Blockchain teknolojisi 21. yüzyılda devrim yaratacak. Bu tarz projeleri önümüzdeki yıllarda daha da sık görmeye başlıycaz.

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    Bu tarz çok ico çıkmaya başladı. Ama gerçek hayatta bir problemi çözen, yada çalışır ürünü olan bulmak zor.

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    Kripto para tutkunları için güzel bir proje olmuş. Başarılar dilerim

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