Creating a Protocol Which Facilitates the Monetization of Data through Efficient Transfers among Collectors, Developers and Users: RepuX


I will try to explainthe Repux project and for more detailed information please let’s just go to the following discussion topic!

RepuX is a marketplace that lets small and medium businesses sell anonymized data to developers.RepuX is a protocol level framework (the “RepuX Protocol”) on which differentkinds of immutable data can be commoditized and exchanged among variousbusiness and individual collectors, developers and users. The RepuX Protocol combines many decentralized technologies such as InterPlanetary File System (or IPFS)2, Sia3, Ethereum4, EOS5, and proposals the potential to upgrade to a custom high-throughput blockchain. By way of facilitating the transfer of data and value among peers, the RepuX Protocol produces data sharing possibilities among data collectors, application developers and data users which do not exist in the current marketplace. The RepuX Protocol offers the chance to data producers to create value in their data through facilitating the establishment of this data to users in numerous industries, while eliminating the need for intermediaries in this process.İf you want to more about RepuX Protocol please visit official web page.

Additionally, Repux is a huge bazaar that lets small and medium businesses sell anonymized data to developers. For example,

  • Businesses sell anonymized data and earn Repux tokens
  • Developers buy the data to train Machine Learning algorithms
  • Developers then re-sell their intelligent applications back to enterprises, for better business decision

The Repux token is the medium of exchange on the marketplace and the ONLY way to transact.

Repux’svison is to build a protocol which facilitates the monetization of data through efficient transfers among collectors, developers and users that will also permit the evaluation of data reliability and reputation over time. OverRepuX Protocol, data collectors can transfer data to data users or to application developers in exchange for RepuX Tokens. Developers can build upon the RepuX Protocol, and use data transferred by collectors to create products and services which could then be shifted to end users in different industries, in exchange for RepuXTokens.With the RepuX Protocol, the company hope to bring additional value to data.

Repux’s Main Goals and Objectives

  • Developing a high throughput system whereby data can be monetized directly amongdevelopers, users and collectors,
  • Building a secure reputation infrastructure within RepuX Token transactions that permits users to apply a semi-permanent record in a mutual transaction;
  • Developing easy-to-use application programming interfaces (or APIs) that enable third-party developers to build upon our RepuX Protocol to build a variety of different applications;
  • Maintaining scalability and speed as high priorities during RepuX Protocol design and development; and
  • Integrating the RepuX Protocol with existing blockchain technology though building custom solutions in certain cases.

Briefly, RepuX’s final goal is to create a secure, reliable, high-performance data transfer protocol that can be integrated with a wide range of different applications developed by third parties for use by a number of various industries.

Token Distribution


November 17, 2017 / 2pm UTC to January 23, 2018 / 2pm UTC

Token Sale

Token salewill run for a period of 31 days from 6 February 2018 to 9 March 2018. The round will continue until the 33.1 million USD limit is hit or the final round is over. During REPUX Token Sale can be purchased with ETH, BTC or Wire Transfer rewards, with a minimum contribution of 100 USD (or equivalent to 100 USD in BTC or ETH). During Pre-Sale, the minimum contribution is 30,000 USD.

Standard Token:

  • Supply of Token ERC20: 500.000.000 REPUX
  • Token Sale Price: 0.20 US Dollar for 1 REPUX.
  • Token sales ends on March 9, 2018
  • Start date: February 6, 2018 / 5pm UTC
  • End date: 9 Mar 2018 / 5pm UTC
  • Hard cap: 33.1 million USD
  • Soft seal: 1,000,000 USD
  • Payment receives ETH, BTC, XBT and USD via Wire transfer
  • Supported wallets for Token Sales include MyEtherWallet, Mist-Ethereum Wallet, Metamask, Parity, imToken, Ledger, Trezor, and others.

Road Map


  • Marcin Welner: 20 years in IT in total. 12 years’ background in programming. Lead departments of up to 100 people. Likes to build projects from scratch. Extensive business skills in warehousing, logistics, supply chain, e-commerce, inventory management, ERP, CRM systems.
  • Tomasz Tybon: 10 years’ experience in SaaS industry with marketing, sales and product development.6 years’ experience in e-commerce, building the country’s biggest brand and expanded it to India & Turkey.Served as CMO, COO.Scaled Annual Recurring Revenues 30x.
  • Aleksandra Staszewska: Over 10 years of experience working as Business Analyst in projects for banking, public administration and telco sectors. Worked for national census data analyzing, processing and reporting.Big Data enthusiast having in-depth knowledge of Business intelligence and Data Warehouse systems.
  • Daniel Kmak: 5 years of frontend experience and 1 year of consulting for USA company. Course author for Packt Publishing about React, Vue and Angular. Top 3% StackOverflow contributor with 12,000 reputation. HackerNoon author, HackHands expert, Ember teacher.
  • Przemysław Kocznur: 10 years of experience as a Senior Software Engineer for companies like Procter&Gamble (Bruno Banani, Mexx, Tom Tailor, Puma Fragrances, Replay), Philips, Bigstar, Hipp, Always, Tchibo, Konica Minolta, Crunchips, Plus, Sygnity, Allegro.
  • Krzysztof Durałek: Senior User Interface Engineer with over 15 years of experience in Media and FinTech industries. Specializes in modern web technologies with focus on performance, user experience and code quality.
  • Dawid Rashid: Over 4 years of experience as Full Stack Engineer (JEE, PHP & JS).Contributed to number of projects including the biggest European digital currency exchange platform and Marketing Automation software.
  • Taras Bazyshyn: 6 years of experience as a Senior Android Engineer in e-commerce industry. Worked with the usage of machine learning, image recognition, augmented reality, Bluetooth beacons & location solutions technologies for mobile app development.
  • Rafał Książek: 13 years of experience as DevOps, Architect, Coach, Programmer, Leader — An unqualified advocate of agile delivery of high quality code. Many years practitioner of programming as per SOLID & TDD rules.
  • Damian Babula: Software Developer. An early entrant into the bitcoin/blockchain arena, contributed on numerous cryptography-related projects, many of which were open-source. Currently, he is specializing on decentralized applications, development based on smart-contracts and stand-alone blockchains.
  • Pierre Benezech: 4 years of experience in the Blockchain world, working on the integration of different Blockchain technologies for projects within the TelCo, Retail, and Finance industries, and more recently in two ICO initiatives. Speaker at various conferences in the UK, Blockchain Practice Lead at Sytel Reply UK and leader of Blockchain training sessions for employees across Europe.

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