A New & Safe Approach to Prevent Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing: Coinfirm AMLT ICO

In the globalized world Digital currency or Digital cash has been the trending investment to most over the last several months. Cryptocurrencies have been drawing significant interest, according to Charles Bovaird, a financial writer and consultant who has worked for State Street, Moody’s and Citizens Commercial Banking. He currently holds Bitcoin and Ether, two leading types of digital currency, and believes that the future is bright for digital currencies. “This growing visibility is evident in both Google Trends search data and also the rising market values of the digital currencies themselves,” he said.

Friedman said that “Blockchain technology, which is the backbone of digital currency, has the potential to disrupt financial services by reducing the cost and complexity of financial transactions, while also augmenting transparency. The implications of blockchain technology are far-reaching, not only in financial services, but in other areas such as healthcare, government, law, education, technology and more.”

One of the greatest benefits is that cryptocurrency cannot be counterfeited and transactions cannot be reversed arbitrarily by the sender (as credit card chargebacks can). Furthermore, cryptocurrency transactions provides anonymity. Credit cards operate on a pull basis where the store identifies the transaction and “pulls” the amount of the sale from the card. Cryptocurrency uses a “push” model which prompts the cryptocurrency holder to send exactly what they want to the seller without any other form of information. One other benefit is how cryptocurrency is not bound by exchange rates, interest rates or transaction charges. In addition, digital currency transactions take place at the same speed, regardless of where the sender and receiver are located.

With all good things there is always the misuse of them. The digital world is also home to a group of people who would exploit such investments to their own personal gain. Causing a large amount of distress among the community who are willing to make a good use out it. For example, many authorities have called attention to, the Regulatory Compliance, basically Anti Money Laundering (APU) and Terrorist Financing Prevention (CTF) for Blockchain and the virtual cash that has been a noteworthy obstruction to their general mass appropriation.

AMLT by Coinfirm solves anti-money laundering for virtual currencies and block chain. There has been a large growth in virtual currency eco system which involves some of the largest financial institution and companies across the world. But then these institutions require authentication and strategies to be followed that makes it hard to follow even the simplest of investments. The available tools are not as efficient and are unable to provide the necessary security from AML risks and virtual currency entities, assets and risky sources which could be potentially harmful investments etc. AMLT gives access to a safe and straightforward blockchain economy — ensuring you, accomplices and customers from potential dangers and considering business selection and development.

  • What is AMLT:

AMLT is the token and Coinfirm is the founder. The token can be used to purchase products and services on the Coinfirm AML/CTF Platform.


AML is an real exchange blockchain and technological ecosystems in which coinfirm group came equally in the mirage to take a new stage of clearness and effectiveness that work for the whole blockchain network and extend its advantage into the conventional economy and permit the accumulation market to utilize it sensibly. At the present coinfirm is proceeding the following level in conducting a successful AML fulfillment and permitting for the transparency and standardization of the economics system by vigorously linking marketplace contributor with AMLT.

The vital aim of AMLT is to build a secure and independent network that provides transparency to the cryptocurrency world, helping to become compliant with a number of regulatory requirements. The company is seeking to build an open, global standard of transparency for the cryptocurrency industry.

  • AML Platform

AMLT developed in the coinfirm for the tokens where AML Platform is the misplaced mystery to take the virtual currencies into the conformist in a protected, secure and obedient process. It helps out to interactions, expenses procedures, business organization and whole participant in the financial method to administer the regulative chance linked to blockchain significance move. It allows network fellow to give information and evaluate other marketplace contributor as well as informally help to validate the associated danger to system and counterparties by means of effective currencies.

  • Policies of AML

AML is linked with danger administration not now just severe acts, policy and regulations to go after. There is too a quantity of inner evaluation desirable by appreciative companies to construct an accurate risk administration representation. AMLT help out by fulfillment in a pioneering method whereas by appealing and given that advantageous sharing to the users of effective currencies. Coinfirm and AMLT is serving make sure simplicity and security inside the ecosystem and permitting it to produce by explaining one of the main requirements, effective fulfillment and AML actions. But then the main issue is that the above billions of marketplace of essential currencies has a difficulty with way in to the mass profitable market and conventional banking and resist with authoritarian acquiescence. Consequently the company’s trade with replacement of cost using blockchain must make sure that they are not moreover intentionally or naively exposed to party to or help such lofty danger transfers or counterparties.

  • Peer to Peer System

The short of such basic risk administration might pretense a break of rules for the companies caught up. Because blockchain is a peer to peer system and with every of its advantages it too carry some hurdles like counterparty danger that is at present mostly alleviate through mediators in the conventional. The correct submission and implementation of AML policy and regulations is a universal confront that is so far to be solved. The purpose and completing of AML actions is still further vital for virtual currency businesses. It is a rising load that is restricts the rate and level of market growth.

  • What AMLT do?
  • The network provided by Coinfirm AML/CTF platform is recognized by many institutions and AMLT is considered as the token for prepaid products and access right for this platform
  • Having a democratic system as opposed to an arbitrary one is what makes it much easier to go on with safe investments, to do this Network Members receiver AMLT for providing information and rating on specific addresses.
  • Being secure and democratic alone doesn’t help but also there is should exist transparency. AMLT build such bond that makes it easier to maneuver across the number of regulatory requirements by the large institution or companies on crypto currency.
  • Allows transactions with compliance and transparency to help the crypto currency eco system to connect safer to the global economy.
  • We seek to achieve a common standard in transparency to make sure crypto currencies are safe and efficient in all transactions provided.
  • Effectively pin point the transaction on the safety and security on each investment and whether they are under jurisdiction of the AML/CTF acts.
  • The AMLT token sale
  • Each participant should go through an onboarding transfer procedure if they want to purchase from AMLT.
  • Participants are required to provide some data evaluation details on
  • Their profits
  • Their identity and data
  • Their Ethereum Address in which the AMLT payment is supposed to be made to
  • In such a situation if the required data above is not provided within the AMLT crowd timeout, it is still possible to submit the documentation within 2 whole weeks but these will take another 4 weeks max to be verified.
  • Only if all the data of participants are provided by the onboarding process on time and the participant’s compliance evaluation are within the acceptable risk limit, The AMLT will be paid out to the participant’s Ethtreum Address.

If you are unterested in learning more about the technical and business innovations of the AMLT please read whitepaper and light paper.

  • Project Details & Roadmap
  • Partners:
  • SEI
  • RSK
  • RSK
  • NUCO
  • QRC
  • ALMT Team

Coinfirm’s team consists of professionals and entrepreneurs with vast business

and compliance experience, supported by great tech and blockchain specialists.


  • Paweł Kuskowski CEO / Founder

An entrepreneur, recognized AML/CTF and compliance advisor; former head of global AML/CTF processes at major financial institutions such as RBS; a specialist in compliance and anti-money-laundering with extensive experience conducting global projects for international financial institutions and cooperating with supervisory authorities; the chairman of the Compliance Association of Poland.

  • Paweł Aleksander CIO, Co-founder

One of the more recognizable fraud prevention experts in Central Europe, former Head of Fraud Investigations in ArcelorMittal, AML/CTF Project Manager in the Royal Bank of Scotland, fraud investigator and auditor in Ernst & Young; holds the titles of Certified Fraud Examiner and Certified Internal Auditor.

  • Jakub Fijołek CTO, Co-founder

An innovative IT and security specialist, has been analyzing and developing around blockchain, cryptocurrencies and their applications since 2010; the former head of multi-algorithm virtual currency mining farms.

  • Grant Blaisdell CMO, Co-founder

Creating models and ventures around tech and new media since his teens, Grant has been engrained as a visionary in both California and European startup ecosystems; whether through his own projects or working with major companies.

  • Maciej Ziółkowski Co-founder

An international pioneering virtual currency adopter, involved in the Bitcoin and Blockchain space since the early stages; a recognized author and speaker on the subject and co-founder of the first Bitcoin establishment of its kind in Europe.

  • The Team

Our AMLT project and team is constantly growing. Currently Coinfirm is a group of over 30 international professionals from the blockchain industry, supported by great tech, business and compliance specialists.

  • Coinfirm Advisors
  • Ruth Wandhöfer Regulatory Advisor

Global Managing Director of Compliance & Market Strategy in Citi Bank, Regulatory and FinTech expert and one of the foremost authorities on banking regulatory matters, Ruth is a recognized global leader in the compliance space and chairs a number of influential industry bodies.

  • Julian Johnson Strategic Advisor

CEO of MainSheet Ventures with 25-years of experience in the technology market and global sales executive roles at Oracle, Siebel, SAP, Microsoft and Salesforce. Julian has implemented major systems around the world and built an extensive career spanning several industries, including financial services, public sector, telecommunications and media, utilities and energy.companies.

  • Paweł Tomczuk Strategy Advisor

CEO of JPGH & Associates, entrepreneur, founder of Ciszewski Financial Communications (successfully sold to Publicis Groupe ‘2011), investor & advisor to the board of numerous tech businesses across fintech, digital media and data. Mentor at Techstars, Startupbootcamp Fintech & Insurtech, Startup Grind and London Tech Advocate.

  • Hazem Danny Al Nakib Strategy Advisor

Founder of several business accelerators and incubators, an advisor to or partner of public and private entities including Securrency, Coinfirm, The Agency for Social Innovation, and Humaniq, among others. Hazem has also worked with the Royal Bank of Canada and the Boston Consulting Group in various roles related to fintech and frequently speaks on the future of blockchain and artificial intelligence.


goraset: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=158678

ether adress: 0x612E9cD74668cF5EB3629238f025d3107ED01662

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