Sustainable and Profitable a Blockchain-Based Future Energy Ecosystem: Restart Energy

Restart Energy is the fastest rising private energy and gas provider in the European Union with $20mm annual revenue, servicing 27,000 houses and more than 3,000 SME’s and multinational companies.

Restart Energy is building a global energy supply platform using blockchain protocol to democratize a sector burdened by bureaucracy and transaction costs, freeing up capital, saving consumers money, helping local small producers earn more and more and allowing real peer to peer direct energy trading using existing frame.

  • Platform of Restart Energy:

RED platform is the platform where users (and Restart Energy clients) can log in and trade(buy; sell) energy directly P2P(peer-to-peer), in a decentralized and easy to use manner. Users can get access to Restart Energy services, also obtain and use electricity.

RED-P is a worldwide, decentralized energy supply platform. Consumers and producers register to use the RED-P to gain access to:

  • Global energy supply
  • Intelligent wifi meters
  • Watt prediction software
  • Peer-to-peer (P2P) energy exchange
  • Earn green certificates

Original features of RED-P include:

  • Any registered user can buy or sell from any other registered user
  • Some consumers are also generators (e.g. wind/solar) as large power stations (gas, coal, nuclear) are being replaced with thousands of consumer-generators.
  • P2P: All parties in our ecosystem are able to trade with each other.
  • Consumers will be awarded with Restart Energy standard green certificates for using renewable energy.

With the new platform, Restart energy anticipates to companies to adapt to the new economy. Energy companies will start to take payment of energy bills in tokens as there will be a market for those tokens and a value associated with them.

Finally, RED-P will increase competition in the electricity market. For instance, with the model, consumers will be able to “auto-switch” their energy supplier every 30 days. The system will tender consumer contracts every 30 days seamlessly, ensuring a more competitive marketplace and truly market-reflective prices.

  • RED Franchise

The RED Franchise (RED-F) is a high-class business chance available to MWAT Token holders. It is an innovative, tested, and working idea that is already being used within the European Union. By allowing MWAT token holders to create and run their own energy retail business, RED is merging decentralization blockchain technology with free market principles. Be the first to secure your retail energy franchise in your nation and resell it to other private suppliers or companies after the ICO!

As the company move forward, and as they have already successfully done in the past, they will focus their efforts on growing our franchise network — this time on a global scale. Every franchise needs to own a certain number of MWAT tokens to operate. This means that owning a lot of MWAT tokens from the ICO offers a strong ROI, as there will be excessive demand for them from private suppliers around the world.

If you’re interested in entering the energy sector, then Restart Energy’s franchise program is a unique opportunity to become personally involved in the company’s mission to re-invent the way energy is bought, sold, and traded globally — through the RED ecosystem — a global, privatized, decentralized energy supply platform.

  • How it is work?

RED MegaWatt Token is a digital cryptographic token with value, issued by Restart Energy, using blockchain technology, for the purpose of storing energy that will link the token with the company itself. This will be achieved thanks to the new service offered by Restart Energy worldwide, RED platform.

  • Vision

The company’s vision is living and sustainable world where energy is affordable
created and consumed by anyone anywhere.

  • Mission

The company’s mission is to come to be a leading global energy supplier, innovating and democratizing the sector.

  • Destination of The Project

Restart Energy is committed to achieving the following objectives:

  • Raise US $ 30 million to complete RED development and grow globally
  • Expand energy retail business by franchising to +45 countries with deregulated markets, representing 70 percent of the world’s energy consumption through 2022.

The company anticipates energy companies to adapt to the new economy. Energy companies will start taking energy bill payments with tokens as there will be markets for the token and the value associated with it.

  • Partners:

Below are a few of the 3000 companies that have chosen Restart Energy to be their energy partner

  • What is the symbol of this Platform?

The symbol of RED is MW (MWAT). These are the first icons to support the real energy storage capacity of 1 MWh. At the beginning of charging 0.11 kWh red mark is mW. The amount of energy in time will increase, this indicator will be an energy accumulator to collect and store energy. The red MW markers act like a battery, increasing the number of suppliers of renewable energy sources and the number of energy transfer producers against red platform access.

  • Description of Red Token

MegaWatt RED Token (MWAT) is the first display powered by real power and business opportunities. The evidence will act as a battery that accumulates monthly energy as the cost provided by producers and renewable energy suppliers to access the RED Platform. The amount of energy stored in each RED MegaWatt Token will continue to increase overtime. Approximately 500 Million RED MegaWatt Tokens are targeted. This price may change until it is launched before ICO. This rate will be set to make a RED MegaWatt Token worth US $ 0.10 (US $ 10).

They will create roughly 500 Million RED MegaWatt Tokens.This price may change up until the Pre-ICO starts. This rate will be adjusted to make a RED MegaWatt Token worth $0.1 dollars (10 US cents).

The PreICO starting date is January 15th and will end on February 12th, 2018.

  • During the pre-ICO sale period, RED MegaWatt Tokens will be sold applying following bonuses:

10000$ more 20%

  • The ICO will start on February 14th and will end on March 14th, 2018.
  • During Day 1 of the ICO sale period, the bonus will be 15%. Each day the bonus will go down by 1% down to a minimum of 0%.
  • The last 15 days of the ICO there will be no more bonus.
  • ICO Structure.


  • Start: January 15, 2018
  • Finish: February 5, 2018.
  • During the pre ICO sales, the RED MegaWatt Tokens will be sold with the following bonuses: $ 10000 — more — 20%


  • Start: February 6, 2018
  • Finish: March 6, 2018.
  • On Day 1 of the ICO sales period, the bonus will be 15%. Each day the bonus will be reduced by at least 1% to 0%.
  • No other bonus will be available in the last 15 days of the ICO.Referanslar
  • Road Map:

In the table below, which countries have been invested in and how the targets of the company will be realized.

  • Takım

Here you can find valuable team members and history. For more information ( please visit the site.

Below you can find the message to the investors from Restart Energy founder

  • References

For more information please visit these links below.



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