Automated Sales Service with a Decentralized Database of All Transactions on the Technology of Blocking: AIDA SERVICE

Block chain is the technology that the whole world is talking about. Information on a block chain technology is recorded in an encrypted form and distributed to all computers on the network. Each new block contains information about the previous one, which leads to the reliability of the circuit and in order to write information to the block, it is necessary to sign the action with a unique private key. This ensures that no one will enter information on your behalf and without your knowledge.

One of the areas that highest gaining profits from blockchain technology, is related to digital marketing in globalized world. ICO as a new style of financing business ideas and continuing projects is gaining more attractive. The capacity of funds pouring into the blockchain economy has been growing increasingly over the last a few years: ICO investments are already expected at billions of US dollars.

Today I am going to discuss what is Aida and why it is important and profitable.

AIDA Service is automated sales service with a decentralized database of all transactions and the rating of goods and suppliers on the technology of blocking. This platform is built on the Etherium platform, the blockchain system is taken with all the infrastructure and is implemented under the companies requirements. The electronic wallet user can reload with the help of the exchanger, or through AIDA Services own billing system. Customers will be able to top up their balance with standard payment systems (PayPal, QIWI, VISA, etc.). Payments are first received on the balance of the “AIDA” service, then, as a result of the contract with the manufacturer and the amendment to the SLA, it is paid to the supplier. If the supplier wants to cash them, he can receive them on the settlement account through the billing system. Upon the introduction of crypto currency for payment of transactions, the system will be located at the point of profitability from the fiat side. All at once, many manufacturers despite the fact buying fresh materials from each other can quickly pay and take it without postponements, which must be tolerated in dealing with the fiat currency. In risky cases, manufacturers and customers will be able to exchange crypto currency using the billing system or third-party exchange services.

For the ICO, an AID token was developed. AID token works on the new specified standard and is designed at carrying out crowd sale, with the calculation of work for the period of the preICO and ICO and also carrying out Bounty campaigns.

Additionally AIDA Service has a great experience of working with international companies such As Todini, Kalde, Sheraton, P&G, Roshen, Rehau, Tarkett, Amway.

How Can Aida Service Help To Their Clients?

These are the subjects are AIDA Service are:

Ø Automated sales platform for construction material

Ø Regularly updated database of clientele: logisticians and distributors.

Ø The system of processing orders, production and distribution of required materials

Ø Full range of construction materials in a single unified system

Ø A thorough loyalty system for the participants

Ø Possibility of using the service without intermediaries

Ø A convenient market platform for distributors to place required products

Ø Records of ratings and levels of trust in producers and distributors

Ø Optimization of marketing expenses and the sales department

Ø High level assessment of producers and distributors during the registration process

Ø An effective and logical solution. Integration with warehouse and logisticians

Ø Optimization of time and expenditures on searching for products and contractors

Ø Tracking of the ordered product on all stages

Ø No user charge for service both for customers and distributors

Ø Elimination of corruption in the Purchase Department vis automatization

Ø Timely notification of the users about the major stages

Ø An instrument for enterprise management on the basis of analytics and planning

Ø Legalization of payment for the contraction market products

Ø Reduction of the “digital divide”. Usage of the new blockchain technologies

AIDA Service ‘s goals are not only eliminate problems and help for earlier mentioned participants of the service, but also the organization, having a high social corporate responsibility, helps to the government as well as to a commoner.

AIDA is aiming to create №1 sales service in the world that can consider not only the core problems of the users, but also the details that conduce maximum convenience and functionality of the service and main tasks that AIDA service solves are:

Ø Elimination of intermediaries and corruption

Ø Generation of new orders

Ø Managing orders and separate segments of the enterprise

Ø Cost optimization

Ø Quality analytics and planning capability

Ø Ease of use

Ø Data relevance

Ø Security for participants

Ø Digitalization of e-commerce

AIDA Service promises us to be productive and eventful in next year. Just from the first days of January 2018 AIDA Service plans to launch ICO also they are planning full product launch in the CIS. In addition to this they are planning personal block chain development of the product and SLA implementation at the smart contract level and many more!

In addition to investments in Ethereum, investors will be able to purchase AID tokens for BTC, LTC, BCC and USD (from debit cards). Payment processing in these currencies will occur through the use of an automated platform that calculates the size of each incoming transaction in the USD equivalent, tracks the number of transaction confirmations and once the transaction is confirmed, produces the tokens on the Ethereum address, which was indicated by investor in the private account.

AidaIco is the first smart-contract which is structured and based upon the concept outlined by Vitalik Buterin. Where during of the crowdsdale, investors are given the opportunity to return the invested funds 1 time:

Ø For ETH investments: all tokens stashed on investor’s address get burned and forwared back to investor’s wallet from AidaIco smart-contract.

Ø BTC, LTC, BCC investments: refund process is powered by Oracle. The investment amount gets refunded back to investor’s wallet, minus transaction fee.

Ø Withdrawal lock: during the main stage of the ICO refund is possible only till 30th January 2018, inclusive.

AIDA Service decided to use a smart contract, because they are convinced that contractual relations can be partially or even completely self-governing. The cryptography that underlies the smart contract provides a higher level of security than traditional contracts.

Therefore, the goal is to provide a better, new, modern and innovative service to AIDA.

Road Map:


In addition as you see in the whitepaper AIDA Service is the delicious fruit of teamwork in collaboration with all these professionals who are experienced in their respective fields as you read from whitepaper.


For more information please visit website below:


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