World’s One of the Best Crowdsourcing Developing Profitable Platform on Global Equities and Blockchain Assets: Sharpe Capital

One of the sectors that greatest gaining benefits from blockchain technology, is related to digital marketing in globalized world. ICO as a new approach of financing business ideas and continuing projects is gaining more attractiveness. The capacity of funds pouring into the blockchain economy has been growing increasingly over the last a few years: ICO investments are already expected at billions of US dollars. ICO market improvements so fast that it is scarcely conceivable to follow a growing number of ICO campaigns: there is no chance to explain the intentions and proficiency of each team functioning at the market. I am currently writing about why the Sharpe Capital is the one of the world’s best crowdsourcing via the Ethereum blockchain which startup where users earn their rewards through the exchange of their opinions about global markets.

Sharpe Capital is one of the world’s best crowdsourcing FinTech organization developing a platform to crowd-source market sentiment on global equities and blockchain assets, paying service fees in Ether to users in return for their insight. where users earn their rewards through the exchange of their opinions about global markets. What clients want to do is forecast anything about impartiality markets and Blockchain assets and get rewards for the predictions. Latest news notices are presented to the audience and if they make positive or negative sentiment that comes true, reward is ready. The amount of Ether that user gets is connected to the number of SHP tokens. Ether received also depends on the number of right predictions.

Increasing with cutting edge, machine learning-driven linguistic analysis and quantitative trading strategies developed in collaboration with leading academic partners at University of California, Berkeley and the University of Oxford, Sharpe Capital aims to deliver best-in-class data-feeds for use by investors.

Sharpe Capital Investment Platform unifies many innovations in smart contracts, quantitative trading, machine learning, linguistic analysis and artificial intelligence. In order to create this special platform, Sharpe creates the Sharpe Utility Tokens (SHP). This will offer a proof-of-stake that allows its members to gain rewards (in Ether) for giving sentiment toward global equities, using Sharpe mobile and web platforms. These rewards are related to the amount of correctness and practicality of the sentiment the users provide.

“Furthermore Sharpe Capital has been designed as a unique, reliable and fresh platform that can create room for the growth of a well-hedged portfolio based on an automatic trading model. Blockchain technology was the key to unlock this enormous potential — a protocol that solves all the problems mentioned above and ensures a safer platform. Sharpe tokens provide a mechanism for hedge funds and institutional investor to access various proprietary models (with a fee). Besides, the blockchain technology promotes and fulfils two supplementary goals for Sharpe Capital: it improves a decentralized absolute trade ledger and eliminates any type of dependency on trust for fund disbursement, and any possibility of fund manipulation or individual level. This application of the decentralized blockchain also lets unrivalled community governance using both consensus-based and democratic vote-based governance models to permit the community of SHP owners to define the direction of Sharpe Capital’s future.”

Sharpe Platform with the support of the new SHP crypto tokens designed a model that takes into account the profound relations that are so frequently developed between microeconomic asset data and its market worth. For this reason, it utilizes the feedback of users also called perception or feeling. This sentiment is in fact the information participant’s offer regarding global impartialities, using Sharpe web&mobile platform.

All this information provides the basis for the models through which the Sharpe Capital proprietary investment fund will work. This, alongside the proof-of-reputation that is kept on the Ethereum blockchain will allow the weighting of sentiment:

With the intention of analyze the size of the rewards the members will get and the level of confidence to be allocated to each sentiment gained:

Ø Sharpe Capital Financial Markets Protocol, Investment Platform and Product Revenue Streams

Ø The Sharpe Token Dynamics

Ø Examples and Applications of the Trustless Trading Ledger

Ø Infrastructure

Ø The Sharpe Investment Platform Quantitative Trading Model

Ø The Token Sales Affiliate Scheme

Ø Community and Corporate Governance

Ø Budgeting and Finance Considerations

Ø The Sharpe Capital Team

Ø TLS Smart Contract

Why Sharpe Capital is effective?

Ø Artificial Neutral Networks: At the core of their machine learning model, Sharpe Capital used neural networks. It gives them powerful and solid prediction capabilities. The work similar to a human brain, but operates more precisely.

Ø Natural language Processing: Sharpe’s machine learning model uses sharp NLP algorithms it analyzes the current trends and infers accurate results. The NLP is integrated with popular social media and online media outlets.

Ø Network Analysis: Through network clustering, Sharpe groups similar assets. It groups on basis of financial similarities. Running a diversified portfolio is possible because the system finds and analyzes similarities in assets.

Ø Fundamental Analysis: The model is fueled by micro and macroeconomic data. The system doesn’t rely on historic lows and highs. It understands they do not completely control trend on future prices. The system produces predictions for a list of assets over multiple time horizons.

Ø Low-cost Cloud Architecture: Being built on top of Amazon Web Services, Sharpe Capital has access to newest and amazing tools. Thanks to AWS Lambda functions, the company keeps costs to a minimum.


Token sale:

The Sharpe Capital affiliate program is the first of its kind in the blockchain industry. The directions are coded into smart contracts such that the distribution of commission and discounts is entirely trustless and decentralized. Investors who specify an affiliate address upon contribution will earn 1% extra SHP for their contribution — providing incentive for token pre-sale participants to make the effort of including their referring affiliates address. Members earn between 3% and 5%, depending on the value of deposits made by token sale participants, utilizing a tiered reward system.

Sharpe Token [SHP] Token Pre-Sale is Live

Ø The Pre-Sale has started on Nov. 6th for whitelist participants and gathered over $2 million in funds,

Ø Now the PreSale is open to the community

Minimum Investment @ Pre-Sale is $10,000~ 33 Ethereum

Maximum Investment @ Pre-Sale is $500,000~1,666 Ethereum

Ø Bonuses are available
The hardcap for the pre-sale is $8 million with target crowdfund total to be $20 million

Use of funds:

Funds are going to be used to support the development of Sharpe Capital. Funds are distributed on the following way:

Ø for investment capital is 55%

Ø development and Ops takes 20%

Ø Marketing will be given 10%.

Ø Legal part again takes 10%

Ø Liquidity Reserve is 5%.

Ø The Sharpe Capital Team

The Sharpe Capital team is comprised of a diverse group of experts across the fields of quantitative modelling, financial engineering, linguistic analysis, international law & regulatory requirements. The team is expanding rapidly, with new members joining both the core team and advisory board as scale up the operations. In addition as you see in the whitepaper Sharpe Capital is the delicious fruit of teamwork in collaboration with all these professionals who are experienced in their respective fields.

Ø Core Team

Ø Lewis M. Barber: Chief Executive Officer. Lewis graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering degree with Honours from the University of Leeds in 2011. He has since developed extensive experience in full-stack software engineering, and in consultancy with global investment banks on their IT architecture and the development of fault tolerant transactional systems. At Sharpe Capital, Lewis is responsible for driving the strategic development of the busines and overseeing implementation of our advanced cloud and blockchain architecture, including the Sharpe Capital Financial Markets Protocol.

Ø Dr James A. Butler: Chief Investment Officer. James graduated with Lewis in 2011 and went on to complete a PhD in complex systems modelling at the University of York in 2015. He subsequently worked consulting with academic and commercial partners in the pharmaceutical sector. He was invited to a one year appointment as a Visiting Research Scholar at the University of California, Berkeley (EECS) in 2016. He is currently a Research Fellow at the University of Oxford, applying systems analysis to accelerate the process of drug development using advanced quantitative modelling and machine learning techniques. At Sharpe Capital, James is responsible for overseeing the development of the Sharpe Capital Investment Platform.

Ø Israel Colomer: Chief Technology Officer. Israel graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia in 2007. He has since worked with a myriad of companies, both in the enterprise and startup spaces, with a dedicated focus on implementing resilient and robust back-end systems. Having experience in all areas of software delivery, he has handled teams both small and larger during his career, evolving his leadership skills. At Sharpe Capital, Israel is responsible for driving the technological development of the company’s IT infrastructure and software solutions.

Ø Ali Bros: Lead Developer. Ali graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering from the University of Leeds in 2011. As an R&D Engineer, he has since worked for a diverse array of startups and long-established companies in the technology and media sectors. Ali has an excellent knowledge of myriad software platforms and stacks with a special interest in Android and iOS platforms.

Ø Dan Pilch: Cloud Architect & Systems Engineer. Dan graduated with a Bachelor degree in Computer Network Engineering from the University of Portsmouth in 2013. Since then he has worked in progressing DevOps culture, system operations, Cloud architecture and engineering highly-available, fault tolerant and massively scalable systems. He has experience in managing operations teams& contributing to progressing a startup to an SME (Small and medium-sized enterprises). At Sharpe Capital, Dan is responsible for architecting cloud infrastructure on the AWS platform and Site Reliability Engineering.

Ø Advisory Board

Advisory Board has a critical role, along with community participants, in shaping the direction and growth of Sharpe Capital. Advisors have a diverse range of backgrounds and are all highly experienced in what they do, whether they’re from a finance & trading, blockchain, modelling, linguistics, or commerce background.

Ø Dimitri Chupryna: Entrepreneur and Investor. Dimitri graduated with BA in Economics from University of San Francisco. Dimitri is an expert in business development and portfolio management. His interests primarily focus on rapid-growth technologies. He is a Managing Partner and co-founder of TaaS (Token-as-a-Service). TaaS is the first tokenized closed-end fund that allows its investors to capitalize on the rise of Blockchain markets, and produced a 61% ROI for its first fully-operational quarter.

Ø Dr Mieke Vandenbroucke : Advisor in Linguistic Analysis Mieke completed her MA (Magna Cum Laude) in 2010 and PhD in 2015 at the University of Ghent. In 2016 she was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship and

took up an appointment as a Visiting Researcher at UC Berkeley specializing in fraud investigations. Her research interests lie at the intersection of discourse

Analysis and forensic linguistics. As a Sharpe Capital Advisory Board Member, Mieke is responsible for advising on development of the linguistic analyses that

Power our trading models.

Ø Dr German Leonov

Advisor in Quantitative Modelling German completed his BSc (Hons) in 2011 and in 2015 earned his PhD in complex systems analysis from the University of York, where he is currently a post-doctoral research associate. German’s research

interests focus on the applications of quantitative modelling to understanding complex systems, currently focused on virology. As a Sharpe Capital Advisory

Board Member, German is responsible for providing insight into the development of robust quantitative models, and for providing Russian language support to token crowd-sale participants. German also provides Russian language support to the community.

Ø Jonas Sevel Karlberg

Commercial & TGE advisor Jonas has more than 20 years’ commercial experience working with some of the world’s largest consumer brands. He has significant management and leadership experience as well as experience in building and scaling organizations, primarily within the retail sector in Denmark. Jonas co-founded the Nordic Blockchain Association in the beginning of 2017 and later operated as a freelance community manager during the Bancor TGE. Jonas then founded the AmaZix team ( and went on to work with the Stox TGE, and bitJob ICO, before joining the advisory board of Sharpe Capital.

Ø Lexi Gao

Advisor in International Law In 2010, Lexi completed a Bachelor’s degree in Chinese Law from ECUST (East China University of Science and Technology) and a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Psychology from East China Normal University.

In 2011, Lexi completed a Master of Laws degree in International Corporate and Commercial Law at the University of York, followed by a Graduate Diploma in Law from the University of Law. Based in Shanghai, Lexi is responsible for providing insight into international legal and regulatory issues, and Chinese

Language support for crowd-sale participants from East Asian markets.

Ø Barnaby Mannerings

Blockchain and Financial Markets Specialist Barnaby completed a BSc (Hons) in Computer science in 2004 from Lancaster University’s Cartmel College. He is a Capital Markets industry veteran with deep experience including design and implementation of electronic trading platforms and algorithms for equities, fixed income derivatives and FX products. From 2011, Barnaby was a consultant in Financial Services specializing in innovative technology and approaches. He has been involved with cryptocurrencies since 2012 in both a personal and professional capacity, including early cryptocurrency investments, solution design, training and outreach, and as a blockchain strategist. Barnaby is currently the CEO of Pik.

“Sharpe Capital will reward an early distributor that’s why it’s highly recommended to take part in token sale in the early period. Don’t wait until the end of the token sale, do your investment now and become a part of big blockchain startup”.


Please visit some important links related to Sharpe capital below to stay updated with the developments and announcements:



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