Let’s Meet In BTD Coin: The Most Safest, Fastest and Cheapest Transaction Method

Today I will briefly discuss a very popular ICO, but those who want more detailed information can visit the website (https://bitroad.io/whitepaper.pdf).

Banking environment has become highly competitive in this globalized world. To be able to survive and grow in the changing market environment banks are going for the latest technologies, which is being perceived as an ‘enabling resource’ that can help in developing learner and more flexible structure that can respond quickly to the dynamics of a fast changing market scenario. It is also viewed as an instrument of cost reduction and effective communication with people and institutions associated with the banking business. But still there are many problems and disadvantages in the traditional money transaction methods such as:

Ø High cost
Users of traditional money transaction methods are charged a high fee every time they make transactions, especially international transactions. In addition, the cost of maintenance and warranty of software and hardware proved to be more expensive.

Ø Latency transactions
Transferring money between different banks or even different countries takes time, which can be a problem in business transactions that must be closed soon.

Ø Administrative obstacles
Administrative barriers are a problem that usually arises whenever a customer wants to make transactions from one bank to another.

In this point BTD Coin is an advanced solution that allows its users access to a simpler, safer and faster transaction method. With the solution not being restricted to any specific field, users with different professions can take advantage of BTD Coin for their own specific use cases (business, education, travel,…etc).

BTD Coin provides users with a global money transaction method that is not only fast in terms of operations, but also absolutely safe and with low transaction fees. You can use BTD Coin for different use cases: money transfer, buying/selling goods and services across the globe, with minimal fees and within seconds.

No more red tape and no more frustrating bank procedures. BTD Coin permits you access to the most user-friendly application, especially payment transactions via smartphone apps. BTD Coin be dependent on on a peer-to-peer architecture for our electronic monetary system that is based on cryptography, like Bitcoin yet unlike Bitcoin. It exhibits properties similar to physical currencies (BTD as dollars or coins). On the other hand, BTD Coin is dissimilar in the sense that it lets immediate transactions and borderless transfer-of ownership. As all the payments are processed through secured servers, users don’t need to worry about any potential risk. It is a user- friendly system that you can completely control and use reliably. Our system is vastly superior to the similar existing systems with the ability to protect its users from potential threats. It is also user-friendly, and allow the confirmation of legitimate transactions.

BTD Coin is accessible and available wherever and whenever you are in need, no limits, no boundaries, which means you can purchase or sell products and services, transfer money to your family and friends at an extremely low cost, by an instant confirmation network, without any interruption. We also provide you with our debit card system, which can be easily used via your smart phone. Unlike many other digital currencies, BTD Coin is designed not only to become a digital coin that can meet the highest advanced technology standards, but also to be as user-friendly as possible.


Ø Fast : One thing making BTD Coin a unique and distinct digital cash is its speed, as transactions confirmation occurs just within seconds. BTD Coin is even faster than Bitcoin. BTD Coin is built upon a blockchain technology that allows the capability of surpassing Bitcoin and other digital currencies, especially in terms of the speed of the transaction.

Ø Low Fees : In comparison with the transaction fee you get charged with in traditional transactions, with BTD Coin you get charged only with a small fee, and even overseas transactions charge you almost the same trivial fee as domestic transactions.

Ø Guaranteed Privacy : All of your private information including money sender, money receiver, amount of money, etc… have no chance of being leaked with our most advanced blockchain technology.

Ø High Level Of Security : their blockchain system allows you the ability to protect your account from various kinds of attacks. Your transaction cannot be interfered under any circumstances.

Ø Simplicity : BTD Coin apps BTD as debit card and other mobile apps provide you with the most simple handling apps being made to meet your money transaction demands. No matter who you are, be it a businessman, a normal consumer, or an individual who wants to transfer his money to his acquaintance, BTD Coin is absolutely perfect for you.

Ø Entrepreneurship: BTD coin apps offer you access to the most modern payment method, especially when it comes to making business payments and the expenses that come with it, such as wages, payment for suppliers, payments for goods and services. You can make any kind of payment from all over the world, within seconds, with an extremely low fee, and spare you all the complicated banking procedures and red tape.

Ø Online business and retail stores : You can boost your sale and speed up your business growth thanks to BTD Coin and our related apps on smart phone. You and your customers cannot ask for more. From this moment, the most advanced, yet simple method is in your hand. By integrating BTD Coin and the apps on your online business and retailing stores, you can absolutely better your chance of doing international business as well as multinational business immediately.

Ø Powerful API for payouts automation : If you desire to automate your payouts, BTD Coin API is exactly what you need. The system will provide you with an API so that you can connect with your customers, your suppliers and even your employees, which would make it convenient for you to make any business payment.

Ø Checkout for merchants: BTD Coin enables you to start receiving your payments on your own website.

Ø No more cash: with BTD Coin, you can carry any amount of foreign exchange to anywhere you go. You needn’t to worry about the high exchange fees or any other expenses related to money exchange and transfer. BTD coin simply saves your time and money.

Ø Other daily money transaction: BTD Coin gives you the possibility, just within seconds, to access your money that is transferred from anyone coming from anywhere on this planet. Faster, simpler, safer but cheaper.


Just four steps will get you to the desired earnings with BitRoad Limited!

Ø Register and Buy BTD: Register your account and buy BTD coins with Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.

Ø Earn refferal commision: Earn referall commision in 3 levels — 10% , 5% and 2%

Ø Use BTD: Use BTD to load debit cards, Mine coins and purchase lending plans to increase your profit.

Ø Withdrawal of profits: Withdraw your BTD Coins
from dashboard and enjoy your profit.


Ø Debit cards: Using a Debit Card from BTD Coin is the easiest and easiest way to make payments and money transactions. We, with our partners, will provide you a Debit Card that you can use anywhere anytime around the world. You can also use it to withdraw or transfer money via an ATM machine

Ø Mobile Application:
With your smartphone you just need to download BTD Coin mobile app, and then you can start transferring money and make payments with your clients, your partners, your suppliers … By using BTD Coin app, you do not need to fill tons of shapes annoying, which is very oppressive, time consuming and can result in delays in order for the business to run properly.



ICO is the average crowdfunding that allows BTD Coin to fund activities, including building and developing core team, the ecosystem for applications and running marketing campaign so that the awareness and reputation of BTD Coin will be successfully built. The sooner investors buy BTD Coins, the higher the earning potential they will get, both in the short and long term.

In the short run, prices will increase rapidly after ICO, and you can make money through Trading, Lending, Staking or Mining programs. There are several ways to profit with BTD Coin, and buying ICO coins at the best price allows you to optimize your investment therefore, you should not miss the latest information on ICO calendars, so you can be one of the first individuals to buy coins at the best price. After the ICO ends, the internal trading door will be opened so you can buy and sell your ICO coins. It’s also a time when you can earn big profits, and you can do it by holding money on loan and stalking you or just by selling it for profit.

Ø Coin Distribution :


Total Supply : 24,000,000
4,000,000 Pre-ICO
4,000,000 ICO Stage 1
4,000,000 ICO Stage 2
2,000,000 Marketing
8,000,000 Development
2,000,000 Team

Ø Bounty and Pre-ICO / ICO Dates

You can get Bitroad for free by join their bounty campaign here :






Ø ICO STAGE 2 (~1.5$/BTD)


Accepting: Bitcoin / Litecoin / Ethereum


This white paper gives you a brief summary of the company’s mission and vision, their commitment to you all. To fulfill their commitment, they have organized their Team as below:

  • Development team
  • Management team
  • Consultation Team
  • Third Party Partners

If you can read and learn more about them please visit:

Website: https://bitroad.io/
Whitepaper: https://bitroad.io/whitepaper.pdf


ANN Thread Bitcointalk : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2602123.0

Whitepaper : https://bitroad.io/whitepaper.pdf

Website : https://bitroad.io/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/376340216138769/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/BitRoad_Io

Slack : https://join.slack.com/t/bitroad/shared_invite/enQtMjg2MDI4NDMzODcyLTIzNjgyZWJkODkxNzk0N2I0NmRjZDNmMThjOWU5ODMzNDgxNWE1OTM4OTA4MjhlNGE0ZjIyMmQ1ZTlmZDlkOTg

Telegram : https://t.me/bitroad_ICO

goraset: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=158678

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