Digital technology has expressively expanded newly, which provides faster and more reliable money flows.Blockchain technology is a solution for business. It offers fast and secure online transactions and online transfers for any cryptocurrency or other data.

Fast Invest will help with lending, borrowing, investing, payment transactions, and will help get rid of extreme bureaucracy, which has become one of the main reasons why many people refuse to deal with banks, because of difficulty and tardiness of the classical banking system.Since 2015 the Fast Invest team has been developing a great investment platform based on investing in consumer loans in European countries and all over the world. Moreover, they are expanding and building new blockchain infrastructure to give ordinary people new digital banking products. Fast Invest will combine traditional money and crypto currency allowing people to use this integrated system for daily banking operations.

Fast invest is an investment key whose technology is designed like real estate and structured financial products. Fast investors are eager to make a perfect, intuitive and shortest alternative to daily banking habits, avoiding complicated and difficult bureaucratic mechanisms. Fast Invest is an online investment market that lets its members to invest in consumer-based loans. Currently Fast Invest has 8500+ satisfied daily subscribers across Europe, along with 50+ employees.

Fast Invest invites all of us to confirm that all aspects of customer knowledge meet the maximum standards in outstanding service. Fast Invest focuses on providing the best user knowledge to their customers in the banking sector.

Fast Invest is committed to building a sustainable, scalable investment model that does not require the support of big banks. This, in turn, enables investors to grow their investment portfolio and make passive income.

Fast Invest’ advanced investment platform facilitates customers to invest money into various loans across the EU efficiently.

Fast Invest: From Passion to Dream

The Fast Invest team is developing a platform, which incorporates P2P
investment, an e-money wallet, and currency exchange. After successful ICO crowdfunding, they will start to create additional products for both individuals and legal entities: the lending extension, as well as the opportunity to acquire the FastInvest premium payment card. The Fast Invest platform will be available as an iOS and Android application. Funds will be used to advance their current operational products for existing clients, and to advance the Fast Invest platform by integrating new financial instruments for digital money operations.

The platform is ready to extend the Fast Invest financial investment platform to blockchain community in the Ethereum network as a smart contract technology and seeks to support major cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Ripple.Their Ethereum-based ERC20 FIT tokens will be the only way to use the Fast Invest Crypto-account. As long as you hold 1000 FIT tokens, you will have access to all available crypto products. No higher and hidden fees for certain financial transactions, purchasing goods or services, funding or keeping your money account.

Furthermore, the decentralized system is thoroughly related to data safety and transparency of transactions. For them, as a FinTech company, it is one of the highest priorities in their daily work — to preserve their client’s data safe and to make a bulletproof engine for the platform. They are presently working on integrating the Machine Learning module, which will be scanning their platform for suspicious behavior. Fast Invest focuses on global expansion, and their eyes are set on North America and Asia.

FAST invest Inspired by cryptococcus that has been created and well-known since 2009, about 8 ago and continues to raise, Fast Invest launched an initial coin offering i call ICO. The collected funds will allow to grow faster and apply their ideas by creating professional and useful platforms for crypto community members.

FAST Invest believes that its products will impact the entire crypto ecosystem. Fast Invest is a digital banking system that prioritizes the investment sector to help people generate passive safe and stable income streams. Fast Invest will provide investment solutions that are different from traditional investments. Fast invest allows us to achieve financial freedom.

In the quickly-evolving global business ecosystem, FAST invest is privileged works together the web’s finest passionate, young, striving for perfection FAST’ partners bring a unique element to FAST invest corporation.

Ø How to YOU begin investing with Fast ınvest marketplace?

Ø To start investing using the Fast Invest platform, you need to register for a free user account. Registration is incredibly simple; it should take you no more than 5 min.

Ø Once you have created your user account, you can now add as much or as little money to your account as you would like via bank transfer.

Ø After you have created your account, your identity has been verified and you have added funds, you can start searching for the loan; which suits your preference. After looking at all the choices that match your interest, click invest and follow the prompts.

Ø Each month you will receive payments to your Fast Invest account consisting of principal and interest payments.


As for the company’s vision, FAST platform want to be fearless — to embrace the new era of the digital economy. That’s why they’ve set the goal of positively impacting the lives of millions of investors. They are well on their way to achieving this with Fast Invest Engine, powering the new, global digital economy. The company is supported by innovation and high levels of transactional dynamism. To this, the FAST Platform add its knowledge, tools and a practical approach to delivering safe and reliable passive income.

Information and crowdsaleFastInvest token

Benefits if you have a token FIT:

Ø The first benefit of the limited number of token holders will be the users of the Quick Invest quiz account.

Ø The second advantage members will have entree to all crypto services on the same Platform.

Ø The third benefit of cryptocurrency to digital currencies or other fiat, using web or mobile applications.

Ø The fourth advantage Fast Investing tokens will be traded on the global exchange.

Ø The fifth profit is no client identification required.

Ø The last advantage is Transparency of customer data and transactions.

Ø FAST INVEST platform explained in simple terms

Ø Evaluation: A person applies for a loan from a loan originator, preparing all the necessary documents and filling in the appropriate forms. The loan originator then checks his/her credit score, evaluates the risk and grants the loan.

Ø Servicing The Loan:Credit associationsoffer certified loans for investment. Fast Invests Compliance and Credit Risk Department approves the creditor’s conditions and puts them on Fast’s Loan List

Ø Repayment:A borrower makes regular-monthly repayments according to the terms of the credit agreement and the payment schedule.
Payment instalments are divided proportionally among investors according to the amount invested in that particular loan.

Ø Final Step & Profit: As soon as the borrower whose loan you have invested in repays the loan, you will start receiving payments of both the main sum and the interest for that investment period.
Funds are automatically transferred to your Fast Invest account. You can invest those funds in any other available loan using the Auto Invest tool.


Ø Start in 2015

2015 1Q — Opening a European headquarters in the United Kingdom. 2015 1Q — Start of platform development.

2015 4Q — Official opening of the Fast Invest platform.

2015 — Integration of multi-currency Digital wallet.

Ø In 2016

Ø 2016 1Q — Integration of Currency Exchange Tool v1.0.

Ø 2016 1Q — Opening a Poland branch.

Ø 20161Q — Settling our presence in Poland and Polish zloty integration.

Ø 2016 1Q — Settling our presence in Finland.

Ø 2016 2Q — Settling our presence in Germany.

Ø 2016 2Q — Opening a Lithuania branch.

Ø 2016 3Q — Fast Invest platform update v2.0.

Ø 2016 3Q — Auto Invest tool update v2.0.

Ø At 2017

Ø 2017 1Q — Settling our presence in France.

Ø 2017 2Q — Settling our presence in Spain.

Ø 2017 3Q — Opening an Italy branch.

Ø 2017 3Q — Settling our presence in Italy.

Ø 2017 3Q — Fast Invest platform update v3.0.

Ø 2017 3Q — Auto Invest tool update v3.0.

Ø 2017 4Q — ICO Crowdsale.

Ø Coming year 2018

Ø 2018 1Q — Mobile App for Android and iOS.

Ø 2018 2Q — Opening a North America headquarters.

Ø 2018 2Q — Entering the United States and Canada markets.

Ø 2018 3Q — Premium crypto-account for FIT tokens holders’ community.

Ø 2018 3Q — Introduction of Crypto-currencies.

Ø 2018 3Q — Integration of Digital Currency Exchange Tool v2.0.

Ø 2018 4Q — Opening a Hong Kong headquarters.

Ø 2018 4Q — Entering Hong Kong and China markets.

Ø Next year 2019

Ø 2019 1Q — Introduction of Premium Payment Card.

Ø 2019 2Q — Introduction of Digital Investing Service.

Ø 2019 2Q — Opening a Singapore branch.

Ø 2019 2Q — Entering Asia markets.

Ø 2019 3Q — Introduction of Digital Lending Service.

Ø 2019 4Q — Becoming Global digital banking company.


Token Sale

A total of 777,000 tokens will be generated. Of that amount, as many as 50% of tokens produced will go to crowd sale participants. Fasten vest token crowd sale will take place on 4 December 2017 at 10:00 London time and will run until 31 January 2018 3:00 pm. During ICO, the Quick Invest token is discounted with a discount structure: 20% bonus tokens until an existing soft stamp of 38,850,000.

The investment quick token ratio is 1,000 FIT = 1 ETH. Only Ethereal is accepted as a payment method. To support our business development, an address for sending Ethereal (ETH) currency will be designated.

Let’s join this project please do not miss the official website to contribute directly https://fastinvest.com/en/ico


Fast Invest is a team of innovation enthusiasts, code gurus, finance world fanatics, product experts, and tech fans. Team work together to balance the user experience and ease of use, with accessibility and innovation. Fast invests goal is to change the future of how people see and carry out investments. If you want to read and learn more, please visit https://www.fastinvest.com/en/our-team


website: https://www.fastinvest.com/en

Whitepaper: https://fastinvest.com/documents/fast-invest-whitepaper.pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FASTINVEST_COM

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fastinvest/

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/HQ8U2xFlDDyYN1WVF6YO9g

Ann Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2477256.msg25359836#msg25359836

Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/fast-invest-ltd/

Medium : https://medium.com/@fastinvest

goraset: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=158678

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