The First Complete Mobile Point of Sale System: BELUGA PAY & Mobile Point Of Sale for Entrepreneurs.

The history of development of humanity has different stages. The industrial revolution, the computer revolution and the educational revolution are just some of them which comes to our mind first and we can count lots of revolution like this. Today, we might be at the edge of an another revolution and it might be the bit chain or block chain technology. Though there are any contradictory reports and different ideas surrounding it but there is no doubt the that it is a technology which perhaps has come to stay. There are quite a few players who are making their presence felt quite strongly and Beluga Pay is one such name which needs refer. We will remake the way digitized payments made. It will assistance customers to find out more about this portal and find out something which can help the persons who wants to payment system with less cash.

“A mobile wallet service that’s a mix of Square and Stripe, is expanding rapidly with private and public clients. With half the country’s population under age 27, more than 100 million mobile phones, and only 15 percent using credit cards, it’s a potentially hugely lucrative play.” (

short summary of the BELUGA PAY platform

· Beluga’s Banking Support System

Unlike other cryptobanks, Beluga’s products have been in the shop for quite some time. The products enjoy traditional banking support such as a partnership with one of the largest Mexican bank. Beluga has also been providing POS systems to merchants through Banorte since 2015. Through their BBI token sale, Beluga believes that it can embed crypto payments to more POS systems globaly.

· Facts About Beluga

The company is named after a Beluga whale that’s popular for its smartness and social skills which is what the company lives by.

Beluga’s IP is held by a Canadian corporation but Beluga Foundation will be opened in Switzerland which will own all the IPs , licenses and technology regarding the BBI tokens.

All unsold tokens from the ICO will be burned. The non-ICO tokens will be locked in for a period of 1 year.

As much as the company operates remotely from various parts of the globe, most of the developers work from the company’s office in Mexico.

· Products from BelugaPay

Beluga POS — There will be a rich mobile app that will accept crypto, debit and credit cards for small merchants. It will also allow you to manage customers and monitor growth.

Beluga Restaurant edition — The team also hopes to develop a tablet app that helps you manage servers, orders and the food menu.

Beluga p2p — Development of user friendly mobile app that initiates p2p payment transfers between friends.

Beluga payment data — With the BBI tokens, merchants can purchase data that allows them to view anonymous spending patterns.

· How It Works?

Can buy products or consume services from merchants using any of the products. E.g. you buy something from supermarket with Supermarket Edition BELUGA Applications.

Can make payment for product or service using Fiat Currency (ex $$ $) or Crypto currency (Bitcoin, Ether or BBI).

If payment is made by credit card in Fiat Currency, you can to use BBI token to receive Instant Merchant Deposit * instead of having to wait for the traditional ones two business days for completion occur.

If payment is made by using cryptocurrency, then The completion process begins and the payment is made to you in their respective forms Cryptocurrency is transferred instantaneously

Loyalty points accumulate for consumers on every purchase of products and services. The loyalty points for you are accumulated on every sale of products and services.

Loyalty points can be redeemed when consumers or traders collect quite a lot of points.

Loyalty points redeemed in Fiat form currency or crypto currency BBI BELUGA or other cryptocurrency

The ratio of points to the currency is calculated using built-in con? gurators and Oracles based on the market dynamics.

· Who Are Being Served by These Customers

Last year’s many government organizations and Fortune 50 companies are involved with this company. A visit to their website or by sending an email you could be able to understand more about the product and services which they offer.

· What Does the Future Look for Them?

The company which has a strong connection with and it uses its IP, partnerships, technology and also makes use of their team and licenses.

When it comes to their services, they will soon be coming out with ICOs which means Initial Coin Offerings. This is a good method for starting over for the purpose of raising sources. It also helps build a great community of supporters. It also would be great to mention that the company has raised funds from families and also from other institutions. When an entity becomes the owner of these ICOs, they can use for memberships, and they also can earn around 0.5% on all transaction payments. It also allows them to make payment at gasoline filling stations, and also become eligible for various other earnings and loyalty rewards.

· A Few More Useful Points

Since this is perhaps going to be a big move forward as far as digitalized payment systems are considered, it would be pertinent to have a look at a few more bits of information about Beluga:

It can have a live walkthrough of the products. A mail requesting such a walkthrough is all that you would need. The token that is proposed would be ERC-20 compliant. In other words, it adheres to the common list of regulation and rules that each and every Ethreum tokens have to follow. While BTC can be used to make the purchase before presale, it may not be possible for long term. The tokensale will start on December 1, 2017. If there are any unsold tokens, they will destroy.

Beluga’s mission is to make life easier for merchants: They believe it is possible to have one solution to manage payments for your business, customers and personal life.

· Beluga Point of Sale: A robust mobile app to accept debit, credit and crypto for small businesses. Manage customers and grow with actionable analytics.

· BELUGA Restaurant Edition: A tablet app to manage servers, tables, orders and food menu. Streamlined to even print out incoming orders for the kitchen.

· Beluga Peer 2 Peer: An easy to use mobile app to initiate peer 2 peer transfers with friends. Send via credit, debit or crypto and deposit the next day to your bank account.

· Beluga Payment Data: Merchants can purchase data with BBI tokens to see anonymized spending patterns from their ideal look-alike customers. Token details


  • Winter 2014: Beluga Pay’s predecessor Espiral is founded after it’s cofounders use an ATM that charges an exorbitant 10% Commission and $15 USD in fees in Sayulita, Mexico. The founders vow to create an innovative and fair company that will serve the unbanked.
  • Fall 2015: Partnership established with Mexico’s largest domestically owned bank with over $70B USD in assets. Latin America’s largest incubator NXTP and Naranya make a seed investment.
  • Summer 2016: First live transaction processed with a smartchip mobile reader.
  • Summer 2017: Over 100 merchants in mobile app private beta. This includes Pioneer — a Dupont Company (NYSE:DD) — helping farmers pay for seeds using a mobile app.
  • September 26, 2017: Beluga Pay’s Private Sale launched. Only available to whitelisted buyers.
  • November 1, 2017: Pre-sale started.
  • March 1, 2018: ICO Launch.
  • March 1, 2018: Public Beta for Beluga’s Credit/Debit Card & Crypto POS.
  • March 31, 2018: ICO ends.
  • April 1, 2018: Tokens released.
  • April, 2018: Token live on major exchanges.
  • Summer 2018: Trials with pipeline of European, African and Asian

Beluga Banking Infrastructure (BBI)
Fixed Supply
100,000,000 BBI Tokens
ICO Starts
December 14 2017
ERC20 Token
ICO Ends
January 31 2018

· Conclusion

There are some details to believe that Beluga could set the road map for a thrust to digitized payment modes. It might give a chance to millions of people to use payment with less cash method. There certainly is a big chance and challenge out there. As of 2017 about 39% of the global population which is around 2 billion people have not a bank account. In developing countries this number could be more. It certainly could go a long way in increasing merchant deposit speeds to one day from three business days. It also will help the owners to become eligible for royalty points similar to that of air miles.

BELUGA PAY is Already Live!!

· over 1,000 merchants already using Beluga Pay’s platform

· 46677 transactions paid with credit card

· Thousands of potential crypto merchants around the world


As you see on the below team are the fruit of teamwork in collaboration with professional managers, developers, consultants, marketing professionals who are experienced and experienced in their respective fields.

Alex AVILA: Chief Executive Officer

Alex is the cofounder of Beluga’s predecessor Currently Alex is also a consultant for Citigroup coaching executives on best practices of blockchain technology and entrepreneurship. Alex dropped out of GADE Business School and earned a certi­cate in Design Thinking from CEDIM Design School.

Hugo Munguía: Chief Executive Officer Hugo is a full stack developer and blockchain enthusiast. Hugo is the CTO of Beluga´s predecessor and wrote its rest line of code, Espiralapp, and leads all technical integrations with partners and certifi­cations.Hugo graduated from Universidad de Guadalajara.

Saravana Malaichami: Chief Data Officer

Saravana is a blockchain developer and co-founder of Smartchainers. Saravana is a regular speaker at blockchain and ­fintech events in India. Saravana has over 15 years of development experience. Saravana graduated from Leichsteister University

Alejandro Muñoz: Head of Customer Happiness

Maria leads efforts in strategic account management and customer satisfaction. Maria previously managed customer accounts at Deloitte. Maria studied finance at ITESO.

Marifer Avila: Chief Financial Officer

Carlos Roca: Chief Financial Officer

Diego Gonzalez: Product Lead

Alan Milke: Software Architect

Alejandro Muñoz: UX/UI Designer

Wenndy Rodriguez : Chief Commercial Officer

Yeudiel Vazquez: Full stack Web Developer

Maty Morales: Head HR

Antonio Martinez: Full stack Mobile Developer

Oscar Cardenas: Blockchain Researcher

Ricardo Robles: Banking Operations & Relations

Leo Lopez: Full stack Backend Developer

Andrea Figueroa: Administration

Claudia Diaz: Quality Assurance

Marisol Morales: Customer Happiness

Angel Romero: Frontend

Alder Ortiz: Legal

Don Dodge

Don is currently a Developer Advocate at Google and is also an advisor to Google Ventures. Don was previously the Director of Business Development for Microsoft’s Emerging Business Team. Don is also a veteran of several startups: Forte Software, AltaVista, Napster and Bowstreet.

Arturo Galván

Arturo is currently in charge of denning and executing the growth strategy of his latest company, Naranya, in Latin America and now into other Emerging Markets of the world, including China, establishing the ­first Mobile Ecosystem designed for the realities of the emerging markets through its core platforms: Naranya Pay (a micropayment platform enabling consumers to use its mobile phone account as a digital currency), Naranya Market (a Mobile marketplace for digital goods) and Naranya Ads (mobile advertising). Arturo previously built and sold his tech company for $300M USD+.

Francisco Diaz-Mitoma Jr.

Diaz-Mitoma has over a decade of experience developing scalable online platforms and was Francisco is a software architect and cofounder of, Bowhead Health and Playsino. honored as a Forbes 30 under 30 in 2012. Francisco graduated from McGill University.

Kyle Kemper is an Executive Director in the Blockchain Association of Canada. An early evangelist in the Bitcoin and Blockchain communities.

Jason Carl Kline: Jason is a strategic, quantitative, and creative minded business professional, with experience as an engineer and analyst in ­financial reporting & modeling, business development, and revenue focused projects within industries, including; advertising, finance, manufacturing, consumer products, web and mobile technologies.

Lawrence Cisneros: Lawrence focuses on ensuring that merchants and clients are well protected in the Beluga ecosystem. Lawrence graduated from University of Southern California’s Gould School of Law and is an active member of the California Legal Bar.

Alex Yamashita: A former Vice President at CLSA and Goldman Sachs, Alex has invested in companies such as MapD Technologies ( and raised capital via creative fi­nancing and lending structures for companies such as Rooftop Drones. His interest in Beluga stems from his extensive time doing business in Indonesia, high hurdles and resulting cronyism that aspects populations with a high-density of unbanked people. Alex Yamashita is crypto-enthusiast and entrepreneur/investor.


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