Let’s Meet Green Energy Revolution: WePower Platform

In recent times, worldwide investments in renewable technologies amounted to more than US$214 billion in 2013, with countries like China and the United States heavily investing in wind, hydro, solar and biofuels. Renewable energy resources exist over widespread geographical areas, contrary to other energy sources, which are concentrated in a limited number of countries. Fast deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency is resulting in significant energy security, climate change mitigation, and economic welfares. In international community view surveys there is strong support for encouraging renewable sources such as solar power and wind power. Globally, at least 30 countries around the world already have renewable energy contributing more than 20 percent of energy supply. National renewable energy markets are projected to continue to grow strongly in the coming decade and beyond.

Working on renewable energy and promoting both states and private companies in this regard is one of the most fundamental aims of the United Nations Environment. This organization’ aim is “The Energy, Climate, and Technology Branch supports developing countries to improve energy efficiency and increase use of renewable energy as part of their effort to achieve low-carbon and climate resilient development pathways.” I must briefly state here that WePower’s aims are in line with the renewable energy policy for a green world that is also fully focused by the United Nations. Today I will try to explain a blockchain based green energy trading network called WePower. For more detailed information, please visit https://wepower.network/

What is WePower?

As I mentioned before, WePower ICO is a blockchain-based green energy trading network. It systematizes smart contracts and enables its contributors to invest and finance green energy projects besides obtain green energy in an efficient, secure and transparent way. Furthermore, it offers the primary access to live trade in renewable energy worldwide for everyone. With opportunity to be integrated with IOT for buying or exchange of energy as a base layer of digital energy world, WePower will lead decentralized energy transformation.

WePower is the first building a platform to support finance renewable energy and invites everyone to join the platform. WePower’s purpose is to develop the perfect platform for best value creation for all participants based on market conditions and become independent from centralized authority.

Energy is becoming decentralized in nature and the changing reality of it requires a decentralized delivery system. In the short term, a relational database may be sufficient, but Wepower is building a decentralized application for today and into the next future where the energy network will function and enhance itself, even under risky conditions. 100% renewable energy on the grid, with changeable production, on a strong system is more important than a temporary solution. The platform is climbable through blockchain technology beyond country borders or even continents to be a computer-generated utility of a new era in unpolluted, decentralized world energy.

  • Advantages of Using WePower
  • Increase in the volume of renewable energy production and increase in the return on equity.
  • Increase in liquidity and return on investment in green energy.
  • The ability to accurately capture the amount and type of energy produced, reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

The project has a very remarkable task to change the existing order of energy production. Additionally, the WePower Smart Contract system lets for automatic processing of WPR token purchases. This saves investors’ money and permits them to buying in higher volumes as well.

WPR — The Next Generation Token

The WePower platform permits renewable energy producers to tokenize and sell the energy they produce. A renewable energy producer linked to the platform issues its own energy tokens within the WePower platform, where 1 energy token represents 1 kWh of green energy to be produced in a certain time in the next future.

Each renewable energy plant accompanying to the WePower platform will form a public sale for tokenized energy. WePower token holders will have an access to such sales and their allocation will depend on the amount of WePower tokens they have.

Through tokenization of renewable energy:

  • Renewable energy producers are able to pre-sell their production in a global market and acquire necessary capital, increasing a project’s profitability.
  • Investors gain better investment terms (lower costs and higher liquidity) as well as access to green energy projects across the globe in a standardized way. These developments make green energy an appealing asset class.

Developed WPR tokens give the right to receive ecological (green) energy. This energy depositor will be able to get from industrialists using the WePower platform. It turns out that the WPR token is initially provided with a definite amount of energy, which can either be used or sold. This increases the liquidity of the asset, principally if there are no green energy producers on the territory of your city that collaborate with the project. You can just sell your tokens to people who can take advantage of them.

WePower is the next stage and evolution in token economy. The great majority of tokens currently released in the market, tokenize equity or company future cash flows, both of which do not have an existing fundamental value. WePower tokenizes energy, which has a well-established market and measurable value.

Token Sale


For the positive start of the project, a fairly low soft- ware is installed — only $ 5 million. The project is well-built, very significant idea and worthy support at the state level structures. Fundraising in the structure of the main token will start on February 1 and will last exactly one month, or finish if about 35,000,000 USD are invested.

ICO Details

  • Date: 02/01/2018–03/03/2018
  • Ticker: WPR
  • Type of the token: ERC20
  • Hardcap: 35,000,000 USD
  • Price of the token on the ICO: 1 WPR = 0.00091 ETH
  • Total tokens: 289,000,000
  • Available for sale: 55%
  • Payment: ETH


There are many international and national energy, strategic and media partners working together with WePower as you below.

Road Map


Briefly, the WePower platform makes simpler a straight connection among the producers of green energy and its consumers and makes the energy market more transparent. Excitingly, the WePower project has been endorsed and supported by the United Nations and the Lithuanian Ministry of Energy’s innovative approach to combating global pollution and climate change issues within the framework of the millennium development plans. All these positive developments give very important signs about WePower’s bright future.


If you want to learn more about WePower team please visit https://wepower.network


goraset: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=158678

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