Become a challenging partner in profitability with Strikecoin: Dimensions Network

Cryptocurrencies have created extraordinary results in the last a few years and outperformed all most important benchmarks. The development of the cryptocurrency ecosystem and expansion of further use cases is disrupting business on a worldwide rule. With such quick-tempered development and notional interest, instability within the cryptocurrency marketplaces will go on elevated. This volatility is driven by the important trading / investment actions, development of other use cases, and the uncertainty of future government regulation.

A 2016 joint report from Coinbase and ARK Invest estimates that 54% of Coinbase users use bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency, strictly as an investment. Fundamentally the value of cryptocurrencies will grow and contract following changes in the network effect and success of use cases. Increased adoption will help to drive prices, but hedging strategies and diversification will become vital to protect one’s portfolio value.

I’m going to explain to you about this project that I see so bright that you will come. If you want to learn more detailed information you can visit the website.


In general, Dimensions Network consider cryptocurrencies to be similar to commodities, and the natural next step is the improvement of a trading platform for Options, Futures and other Derivatives. Blockchain technology has a number of technical experiments which need to be solved before it can become mainstream. Many organizations have formed to address these challenges, and the main stream are working on the essential Study and Improvement to take cryptocurrencies to the next level. In most cases there is not a clear track for a Return on Investment for those funding the projects. Dimensions Network approaches the cryptocurrency ecosystem in a business‐centric and operational way. The company focus on research and innovation which will lead to real results within a projectable time‐frame.

The company has started by building a centralized Derivative Trading Platform that supports coin pair trading, options contracts and futures contracts. They anticipate a great interest for these new products and a significant return on investment. Moving forward the platform will expand their services onto a decentralized network, and offer their users cryptographically secure derivative trading. The platform will leverage customer base and industry knowledge to develop a real‐time transactional currency. The platform is going to build out solutions and focus dimensions’ rollout on geographies where there is significant friction in the existing banking system, and hence a great opportunity.

The dimensions Network is building the following generation of Cryptomoney trading platforms. In this way, it supports standard crypto money, futures contracts and more, trying to bring a whole new dimension to this globalized world. Those who are members of this platform will be partnered with Strike Coin, an important part of the proceeds above the platform. Strike Coin (STC) token holders will take part in the growth of the platform and receive 15% of the processing fees produced by themselves.

The dimensions Network’s vision is to build and control the most professional cryptocurrency trading platform, with a full range of services from coin pair trading to options, futures and other derivatives. Establish ourselves as the leading Centralized and Decentralized trading platforms within the crypto ecosystem with interconnected liquidity pools.

In addition, Dimensions Network is one of best organizations, and they have multiple objectives to complement instead of compete with existing initiatives.

The dimensions Network’s mission is to create a financially sustainable approach to cryptocurrency trading and development, and to overcome major technical and industrial challenges facing the crypto industry. The company’s approach is making constantly survey the market and stand on the shoulders of giants when building their platform using exceptional technologies to build real world solutions which will generate solid returns. they use advanced systems and software used by the major banks to achieve scalability and redundancy of their trading platform. The platform always follow industry established lessons learned where possible and deliver both centralized and decentralized solutions, and link them together to give their customers the best choice and experience as you see from whitepaper. (

ICO Critical Dates:

Token Sale Start 24 Jan 2018 06:00 (UTC)

Token Sale Finish 24 Feb 2018 06:00 (UTC)

Dimensions Network Whitepaper Rev 003–10 Dec 2017

Token Details:

Name : Strike Coin

Symbol : STC

Type : ERC 20

Decimal Places for Smallest Unit : 18 Places

Issuance Price :1 ETH = 800 STC

Target to Raise :150,000 ETH

Currencies Accepted :ETH

Maximum Possible Issuance : 240,000,000

Restricted Countries : China, Singapore, USA

Token Distribution:

Token Sale 60 %

Business Partnerships & Advisors 20 %

Founders (Tokens locked up for 2 years) 10 %

Employee Incentives 10 %


Team has greatest asset and biggest differentiator. They also believe in having a lot of fun along the way.

  • Stephen Mullens: CEO

Corporate Manager from the Energy Sector. Expert on Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Research and Remote Operations. C, Java Script, Visual Basic, Python, PHP, SQL, HTML

  • Rin Chwe Me: Head of Operations, Entrepreneur. Director at Snovits
  • Manu Datt: CTO

Technologist, Project Manager and Senior Developer for Major International Banks; Including Standard Chartered, Barclays, Morgan Stanley, CLSA and Lehman Brothers

  • Navneet Kumar

Core Developer. Former Senior Business Analyst. Erlang / OTP, Python, Google App Engine, Google NoSQL Datastore, Google Cloud SQL

  • Jensen Ng Kian Sheng

Developer. Java, C++

  • Tan Wee Ching

Developer. C, C++, Java, Visual Basic .NET, SQL

  • Suba Shiniie

UI / UX. HTML, AngulaJS, Angula2, PHP, Java, Java Script, Knockout, Laravel

  • Glynn Farrow: Blockchain Advisor

Software Consultant and Blockchain Developer with industry experience and ties to numerous blockchain developments.

  • Denny Oh : Corporate Investment Advisor Investment Analyst with close connections to Private Capital in both the FIAT and Cryptocurrency Markets.

As you see on the below team are the fruit of teamwork in collaboration with professional managers, developers, consultants, marketing professionals who are experienced and experienced in their respective fields.



Web sitesi —

Bitcointalk ANN:





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5 thoughts on “Become a challenging partner in profitability with Strikecoin: Dimensions Network

    Nebahat Ansen

    (24 Eylül 2018 - 14:45)

    Kripto paralar ile bu kadar çok işlem yapılabilmesi çok devrimsel.

    Mustafa Burhan Askın

    (8 Ekim 2018 - 03:08)

    Her geçen gün blockchain teknolojisinin kullanan projeler artıyor. içinden başarılı olacakları tutturursak güzek karlar bırakabilir.

    Nedim Akarcalı

    (8 Ekim 2018 - 18:31)

    Özellikle whitepaperı güzel ve ayrıntılı olarak düzenlenmiş. özenerek hazırlanmış. Bu projeye emek verildiğini gösteriyor.

    İclal Akkoyun

    (13 Ekim 2018 - 09:42)

    Proje takımı güzel ve alanında deneyimli kişilerden oluşuyor. ico sürecinde başarılı olacaktır.

    Ahmet Polat

    (2 Aralık 2018 - 11:35)

    Bu tarz projeleri son dönemde çok görmeye başladım. umarım başarılı olurlar.

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