Gorgeous revolution in education with blockchain technology: Bitdegree

IT improves educational opportunities by enabling educators and students to overcome barriers of distance and by enhancing the content of instructional materials. In the globalized world. IT offers especially valuable educational opportunities for poor people in developing countries. Students and other residents of poor countries are increasingly using the Internet — often in community Internet centers — to gain access to information and communicate via e-mail. Doctors, scientists, and other professionals, for example, can achieve cheap or free access to journals and other professional publications that are too expensive to afford in hard-copy versions.

Government aid agencies, foundations, and private firms sponsor numerous distance education programs designed to teach skills to a wide variety of developing country professionals, government officials, engineers, scientists, and businesspeople. Internet or satellite connections enable students from developing countries to take courses offered in foreign institutions. In these and other ways, technology-enabled educational programs can help strengthen the people who will be called upon to provide leadership in developing countries in a wide variety of social welfare, economic, and political fields.

In this paper I will discuss the world’s first blockchain-based online training platform bitdegree. Bitdegree is Token scholarships and technology are the world’s first blockbuster online training platform based on the ability to pass through. The Platform purposes to offer students the best online courses with a clear and obvious blockchain based worthwhile system and achievement monitoring event. It is also a exclusive tool for enterprises to work on their technology know-hows and to form them according to their global training needs.

Companies needing technical skills will afford financial motivations to students who want to share in training courses and change their skills. Corporations that identifydeveloping technology or services; Students who wish to give time to learn and try to offer the company’s proposals will provide financial incentives for scholarships. Any company expressly states the request for certain qualifications by giving incentives. The lately introduced technology reports the skills and knowledge needed to successfully use the products or services.

People looking for new opportunities will learn these new technologies, develop practical skills to be demanded, and learn the remaining technological solutions provided by solutions. Career seekers; They will join in subsidized courses to learn more and increase their knowledge and skills in particular technology. The course materials and the learning process will be conducted in an collaborative and greatly engaging way. Students can communicate with other students and lecture advisors, ask questions and demand more detailed clarifications.

The Bitdegree platform offers students the best online courses with an open and transparent blockchain based reward system and success tracking system. It is also a unique tool when hiring technology capabilities for enterprises and shaping them according to their global training needs.

The current education model faces many problems:

1. Education is expensive. Each year the price of education is growing. Students have to distributetheir time between the studies and low-level jobs, still ending up with huge debts for their education.The high price combined with the lack of incentives result in a decline of motivation to continuestudies.

2. Educational system so far offers mostly long-time incentives — the unspecified promise offuture employment. But BitDegree to enable a direct and mutually beneficialcommunication between businesses and future employees.

3. Students lose motivation. One way to increase students’ motivation is to use gamification in theeducational process. A lot of small incentives make learning interesting. The use of games in theeducational process attract the student at the beginning and retains attention throughout the game.Gamification can reduce problems caused by low concentration aand it can also help more effectivelearning. Research has shown that no more than 20% of information is processed while reading,compared to 90% by using gamification4.

4. The constant and growing need for continuous learning. Thomas Picketty, the economist andauthor of “Capital in the 21st Century” concludes that across more than 300 years of history, the onlypredictable factor that drives individual earnings potential are “skills and knowledge”. Today learningis a part of economic survival. The platforms’s belief is that smart incentives provide necessary, life-long learning possibilities

Students who are members of the Bitdegree platform will revolutionize education by creating new tokens that can be exchanged between sponsors and third parties.

a. Sponsored companies are the fundamental fuels of a sustainable bitdegree economy. The economic incentive for sponsors to purchase Bitdegree tokens is that they recruit technology capabilities, create employer branding awareness, and increase advertising activities.

b. Bitdegree tokens can be used to create intelligent incentives as scholarships for students ‘ educational achievements; These can be used to receive various digital services offered by third parties on their platforms in exchange for tokens.

c. By accepting the Bitdegree token, third parties become the intermediary of the token economy. Sponsors and students can swap, use, and use their tokens for digital products and services within the vast network of industry partners.

BitDegree will concern an ERC20 compatible token, which will be used to deliver incentives to students and contributors of the platform.The sale of BitDegree tokens will be concluding and non-refundable. The BitDegree will not be accountable for any loss of BitDegree tokens or situations making it impossible to admission BitDegree tokens, which may result from any actions or oversights of the user or even person mission to acquire BitDegree tokens, as well as in case of hacker attacks.Platformdesign to offer anyone sharing dream to contribute to the development of BitDegree by buying BitDegree tokens during the Initial Coin Offering event, which will be held on Q4, 2017. BitDegree goal is to raise a minimum of 5 million USD and to stop accepting contributions when 25–30 million USD will be collected. Some of the numbers may change due to ETH/USD exchange rate volatility, but the following numbers are best estimates as of September, 2017.

• Maximum financing:
30,000 ETH — may change due to exchange rate changes;
• Minimum financing:
550 ETH — may change due to exchange rate changes;
• Exchange rate:
1 ETH = 10,000 Bitdegree Tokens — may change with ETH exchange rates;
• Token contract address:
Will be published only on website bitdegree.org 48hrs before the crowdsale launch date;
• Launch date and time:
Date to be announced soon. Block number will be published on website. Dates may be prone to change;
• Token launch time-frame:
30 days.
• Token launch completion:
Token launch will end when either the maximum number of ETH is raised or 30 days have passed. If less than the minimum of ETHs are raised, ETH can be retrieved by holders of
BitDegree Token;
• Contributors sending ETH to BitDegree Smart Contract address will immediately receive tokens.

Token Distribution
• BitDegree foundation: 66 million (locked for 360 days);
• Scholarships pool: 165 million;
• Token available to public at launch: 336,6 million;;
• Team: 66 million (locked for 720 days);
• Advisors / Partners: 13,2 million (locked for 160 days);
• Bounties : 13,2 million;
• Tokens in total: 660 million.BITDEGREE TEAM

The need for the BitDegree solution was recognized by the team behind Hostinger — one of the top global web hosting providers. Hostinger works to enable millions of people around the globe to unlock the power of Internet by giving them tools to learn, create and grow online. The most popular Hostinger services can be reached online at:

www.hostinger.com, www.000webhost.com, www.hostinger.es,www.hostinger.com.br,www.hostinger.ru, www.hostinger.co.idwww.hostinger.fr.

Marketing of BitDegree will start from the existing 29 million user base of Hostinger and 000webhost

– loyal, web-passionate, learning and innovation open, worldwide community. Our confidence in BitDegree success comes from more than 10 years of experience in analyzing the needs and challenges faced by the millions of Hostinger customers worldwide.

As a result,universities and higher education institutions are universally failing to fulfill their mission, to teach their students well. The gap between the employers ‘ needs and student knowledge was always there and expanding. Bitdegree innovation is a possibility for businesses to initiate and sustain dialogue with the upcoming talent and reward them with intelligent incentives.

Now get started & Bitdegreee tokens as Scholarship & reward. Get the best courses in the world online. Hired by companies that have changed the world.

People behind BitDegree

As you see in the whitepaper BitDegree is the fruit of teamwork in collaboration with professional managers, developers, consultants, marketing professionals who are experienced and experienced in their respective fields. In addition the team is comprised of multi-skilled professionals that have worked with each other in various capacities and became friends. This joins the project that everyone in the team is highly passionate about. This is the time when everyone dreams gigantic and goes enormous. Most of the team has already workedtogether scaling solutions that reached millions of users and stumbled upon the need to educate them, whereas some others have worked on the educational initiatives experience, which can be directly applied to BitDegree.

Andrius Putna, CEO, co-founder

11 years in software engineering. Blockchain advocate. Person behind the success of 000webhost — world’s first and biggest free cloud hosting platform designed for learning, testing and experimenting. Hostinger product architect.

Danielius Stasiulis, CBO, co-founder

Head of Startup Division at Civitta (7 years) — the leading management consulting firm in Eastern europe. Advised 300+ startups and worked with many startup programs, including Berkeley Skydeck in Silicon Valley. He focuses on ICO and blockchain-based business models.

Ervinas Rimdeika, CLO, co-founder

Ervinas is a FinTech fan and has extensive practice in related fields of corporate, intellectual property and business transaction law questions as well. He worked not only at a few well-known law firms, but also at one of the largest company’s group in Lithuania and Baltic States. In previous years Ervinas Rimdeika was a member of one of the top raising Baltics FinTech startups and reached impressive results, where Lithuanian Supreme Court changed case-law and formed new interpretation rules on financial lease and other matters. Clients and colleagues especially value Ervinas Rimdeika for deep legal knowledge, critical and strategic thinking, in-depth analysis of the problems as well as rational approach.

Rio Asatiani, CMO, co-founder

With more than 14 years of experience in effective customer acquisition, working with new brands and startup launches, Rio is a growth-hacking guru & Google Certified Partner who led 000webhost and Hostinger to an international success in more than 40 countries by attracting 29+ millions of newusers. He joined the BitDegree project having a strong vision in innovative acquisition channels and solid experience in growth-hacking. Rio ensures the success of BitDegree on an international level.


Jeff Burton, Serial Entrepreneur, co-founder of Electronic Arts

Global technology executive, keynote speaker, and a Silicon Valley veteran, Jeff was a founding team member of Electronic Arts, where he oversaw the global expansion of its operations. Jeff has high-level connections in Silicon Valley and around the world that he is using to help startups like BitDegree. Jeff developed U C Berkeley’s Skydeck startup accelerator and is currently involved in helping startups around the world to grow and scale into the Silicon Valley. Jeff is an experienced, dedicated contributor who believes in BitDegree and wants to help. Roberto Santana, Product and Strategy Advisor, Former Senior Manager at Coursera Entrepreneur and Former Product Management Growth Lead at Coursera. Roberto played a role in helping Coursera scale to a global level and acquire over 27 million learners worldwide. Roberto is Stanford MBA with 3 engineering degrees in computer science and design. His exceptional engineering and technical knowledge has led him to scale several startups by managing the project and business development, including San Francisco-based Zendesk, where he helped grow number of paying customers by 60%. Prior to his work in the Valley, Roberto was a Senior Engineer with Shell, where he led cross-functional team responsible for the delivery of products that accounted for $400M in refinery revenues. Maurice De Hond, Steve JobsSchool Founder, Personalized Learning Advisor A successful entrepreneur and founder of Steve JobsSchool — a modern elementary school concept designed to see each child as an individual and nurture him based on his strengths and interests. This learning model quickly became successful and is already adopted in more than 35 schools in the Netherlands. Being the pioneer of innovative learning ensures the implementation of modern educational solutions on the Bitdegree platform on the long term that will establish a solid foundation for IT passionate people to reach their full potential.

James K. Scarborough, Stanford University PhD., Gamification Advisor

Currently a candidate for PhD. at Stanford University, James main focus is to deeply engage players for the purpose of increasing workplace, classroom, and similar forms of individual and teambased productivity. He is currently involved in projects assessing the effects of real social interaction in virtual spaces concerning primarily energy efficiency behaviors, gender and culture specific responses, and the physiological impact of social interactions in goal-oriented game environments. Having a profound experience in gamification and working with companies that created such games as Tetris, Civilization, Falcon Flight Simulator, led him to joining the BitDegree team and assures a deeply engaging environment of the platform on the long term.

Arnas Stuopelis, COO, co-founder

Arnas is the CEO of Hostinger. Prior to taking the role of the CEO, for 6 years Arnas was responsible for business development at Hostinger. He successfully expanded Hostinger on a global level as well as played an important role when creating one of the most successful web hosting brands in Indonesia — Niagahoster.co.id. With his profound entrepreneurship skills and a solid experience in business development, Arnas knows how to scale a project to global success.

Ričardas Pocius, Technical advisor

Ricardas is a passionate distributed systems engineer who enjoys sharing his experience and knowledge with others. Determined to keep magic out of the systems. Organizer of Erlang workshop/ meetup in Vilnius,LT.


Webpage: https://www.bitdegree.org
Whitepaper: https://www.bitdegree.org/white-paper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/bitdegree
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bitdegree_org

goraset: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=158678

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